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The recovered dolls. How look Japanese Lolita?

Lolita Style arose in Japan many years ago. Attractive and incredibly beautiful image of a porcelain doll was to the taste to much. So who they are - these lovely creatures in unusual dresses calling themselves by lolita? Classical Lolita

First and most important of all substyles lolit

- classical Lolita. It became a prototype for all others. Her clothes - a dress length to a knee without special excesses, often monophonic or with a flower print of the muffled or pastel tones, trimmed with florid lace or tapes. The footwear is sustained in the same classical style, as a dress. Often the image supplements an umbrella cane. Hair are always set in an accurate hairdress or wound by large ringlets, decorated by one large or several small bows. That eyes looked larger and more expressive, classical Lolita resorts to the help of false eyelashes. This girl - an example of restraint, good manners and aristocratic education. She likes to embroider, plays a musical instrument, spends evenings behind the book.

Candy Lolita

Bows, ruches, tapes, beads and other maiden attributes - is a lot of

. Candy Lolita is infantile without measure, is whimsical as she all children, loves sweets. Adores dresses with a fruit, candy print. In its doll handbag there will always be a candy. The footwear both on color, and on design, is similar to the nursery. In a make-up adheres to light pastel shades, avoids brightness, it is more inclined to naturalness. A hairdress - the curls twisted by large ringlets. The hair color can be natural or absolutely unusual.

Gothic Lolita

Adores black color and all its shades. Dresses of gothic styles - Lolita are trimmed by guipure and lace, are decorated with tapes. Footwear - on a platform, often graceful, but some representatives of this style prefer heavy boots on a lacing. At its jewelry and accessories there are cherepushka, crosses, bats and all to that similar. The Gothic beauty tries to get less under the sun that skin kept a porcelain whiteness. In a make-up she uses false eyelashes, shadows of black and gray flowers, an eyeliner and a pencil for eyes. Hair direct or curled, are dismissed on shoulders. This girl seldom smiles as if all the time grieves that was born not in the Victorian or Edvardiansky era.

Lolita - the princess

This Lolita is lovely and friendly

, a true embodiment of the princess. Her dresses are picked up with taste and look very expensively. The footwear always on a thin accurate heel, is often decorated with flowers. Pearls, fur, flowers, a crown - here everything that is loved by this Lolita. Always tidy, it has at itself ideally ironed handkerchief which in case of need the graceful movement gets from a handbag or a sleeve. It is modest and accurate, from it will not hear roughness or a causticity. Near such princess surely there has to be a prince. On himself the guy who as well as Lolita - the princess, is admired by the Victorian era and times of blossoming of rococo can try on its role.

By the way, this Lolita is able to afford to pokapriznichat and show a little obstinacy, but there`s nothing to be done? She has the right, as - in any way, the princess!