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Uniqueness level: and he is? Presently something, seemingly, began to create

with inspiration not so actual. Where in what announcement inviting the copywriters and rewriters demanded nowadays the requirement that it is necessary to write the creations to them with inspiration is specified? I did not meet such announcements. The word - that already began to be forgotten that to speak about the concept which this word is called.

it Goes out of use the word, and the concept is substituted for another - “uniqueness“, is more right even - “the uniqueness level“. According to linguists, uniqueness means - one, unique. According to S. I. Ojegov`s dictionary where fans should glance to speak about uniqueness level, uniqueness is “Unique, unique“.

To explain, it is represented, it is immemorial all the familiar concepts “only, unique“, it will be offensive first of all for huge most of those who perfectly know value of these words. Meanwhile the requirement to observe in articles a certain level of uniqueness wanders from the announcement in the announcement now, and specially created programs are urged to determine this or that level of this uniqueness.

Only it would be correct to tell that these programs would have to answer the only question - “Plagiarism it or not?“ And depending on it already the question of an opportunity to accept material to the publication would also be resolved or not. This conclusion is drawn only on an initial word meaning “uniqueness“ which can have no levels and should not just by definition.

Article is begun with a mention of the word “inspiration“ which is nowadays actively forgotten by rewriters, and is frequent also copywriters. Having opened the same S. I. Ojegov`s dictionary, we will see that inspiration - “Creative rise, inflow of a creative power“. It without excessive emotionality definition of inspiration. And if with emotions? Here, perhaps, one opinion not to manage, here, it appears, already and something almost divine can occur. Perhaps, everyone writing on inspiration, will be able to give to this concept the definition. That a certain highest force inhaled something in the creator of the writing it is difficult explainable, but high-original, original, unique …

meanwhile the inspiration had also the happy moments lasting not one century … Long since the inspiration was urged to express conviction in divine value of skill of the word. Ancient Greeks were inclined to consider this word as the neighbor and the close relative to the words “madness“, “mania“ and even such sexually painted as “ecstasy“. The true poets and writers not familiar with uniqueness levels believed that creation of the present (and others simply and could not be) works required inspiration which only one also could be incentive to creation of the real masterpiece …

As a rule, it was accepted to distinguish the poetic works written as it is accepted to speak, on one breath, inspired, and the works based on a hard work of the master, which are often squeezeed out. The poets creating during a romanticism era (18 - 19 century) would count themselves offended if they were suspected of absence of inspiration at them.

In the subsequent process of decrease in value of inspiration for creative process began. An attempt to think up for it the new name was made by F. Schiller who appropriated to inspiration the new name of “unexpectedness of soul“. In his opinion, these happy minutes bring to their happy owner at first an art plan, and then and the decision on destiny of characters.

However and this name could not be assigned to the sublime concept “inspiration“, and quite appropriate, apparently, following S. I. Ojegov`s explanations, it to call modest: “Creative rise“. And this rise will never be able to be changed for “the uniqueness level“ during creation truly of a work of art. Uniqueness does not know levels, it or is, or it is absent just!