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Doctor House - series about the value of the human relations?

Very strong piece about despair. End of the 6th season. When “all against House“: and the patient whom he long and painfully tried to rescue under building fragments died in the ambulance, and Qadi told about the pomolovka. And the leg absolutely seriously ached, and Wilson it asked to move down since decided to live with the ex-wife … And here it, all scratched after crawling on fragments, with covered with wounds by a body and hulk comes home. Also opens the hiding place with drug - with Vicodin. And already was absolutely it accepts, but here in its magic way rescue the Relations. Consciously from capital letter wrote. Relations. With hope for what its truth is loved. The truth accept with all his despair, Pain, svolochizm and ugliness. And, seemingly, after treatment and a course of therapy it decides to risk and trust. To trust in the words of love addressed to it. It for me very drama, very difficult choice of the person, dependent on substance. To prefer living Another and, in comparison with Substance sometimes unpredictable, sometimes difficult, everyone - a miscellaneous and to go to risks to live without “anesthesia“.
is Well shown in series a periodization of the human relations. Especially love.
As at first interest - a little flirtation - sex - rough sex …
A here about original proximity, about mutual responsibility and the obligation very much and very gradually. Step by step. With fears, doubts, difficult experience of the former relations.
I all love lines in the movie are very good. Cameron and Avstraliyets. Surprisingly.
to N both House, and Wilson with his various vlyublennost
About the indulgence to parents very strong phrase of House. After already considerable time after death of his father. When it from habitual embitternment and ignoring comes to the emptiness and lack of grieving. And then all - grieves. And in end speaks: “Well all about bad memory … Was in the childhood and good. It is only necessary to remember …“ Yes, heavy bread of the psychotherapist is well shown to
. Which tries “to build in“ to the patient - and House the patient, t. to it forcibly treat - though some external framework and borders. And of course the strongest scene when House depreciates all year of therapy at one stroke, identifying and realizing the loneliness and now vulnerability. Drug and isolation from the affects created for it a protective cocoon. Which as a result of therapy gave gaps. And through these gaps pain of existence became the truth difficult - brought. The therapist just forces House to identify and recognize the anger, sufferings, pain on the subject of how he is “expelled“ by Wilson. On the fact that even its being “with - the kamernik“ on a mental hospital unexpectedly leaves him. To realize and recognize his loneliness. And it is intolerable. In attempts to be protected House attacks the therapist and performs “ritual“, depreciating the relations with the therapist, trying to avoid the experiences and sufferings.

From movie aphorisms: “It is impossible to die adequately. The illness and death are always dirty and terrible. It is possible to live adequately. And to want to live, opposing these are death“

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