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Doctor House - than these series can inspire us?

At first were rather boring to be looked. Since in the center of the narration there were medical miracles. And characters and the relations were only a frame, schematical and pale. But by the 3rd season everything began to change. There were people.
inspires the Movie. Than?
First of all the fact that it is quite reliable in how it can be demanded difficult for communication, but the talented Swine.
Psychiatric hospital is very optimistical. That you can fall down in psychosis, and you will be cured. And voluntarily - what tablets give encourages. Injections is a violence. And tablets and the truth it is possible to sabotage.
The fact that you can be imperfect dependent, spiteful, and at the same time you can be the good professional.
The fact that you can walk in wrinkled shirts, gym shoes, jeans, and it Apprx.
that the relations with people very valuable piece. And very difficult. But it is possible for the relations and it is necessary to study. And without the relations life too flat. What yes, the relations is a m. painfully, terribly, but without them you as the robot. And that to feel happiness, it is necessary to open and become more vulnerable for despair and pain.
I that whatever dreadful were the relations with parents in the childhood - House and his father - it is possible to remember also something good. Always it is - a plot about whispers in Wilson`s bedroom in the 6th season.
I that the fault for what you create and for consequences of the acts can be denied and forced out, but it all the same “will catch up“ with you - House`s hallucinations about Amber, Wilson`s girlfriend who died in accident when she carried drunk House home.
I that when you admit guilt and you apologize, something changes in a life cloth. And you the truth receive simplification.
I that the correct, ideal rationality is boring and lifeless. It I about Forman.
That kindness is the same neurosis, as well as a svolochizm. Wilson very kind and responsible. But it is shown that it at it neurotic as impossibility and fear to release someone in the relations. Hyper - guardianship as wine before the patient with schizophrenia the brother.
I that even ingenious doctors sometimes are mistaken. That people all - die …
That changes conduct to a gonorrhea from which at you all skin from a body shreds - a plot about the ballerina can get down.
I a plot, consolatory for middle class, about “the rich too cry“ - the billionaire who rescued the son the fact that renounced the millions.
Irritates corporal perfection of main characters.
Doctor House seems to us - women so charming and charismatic and as a real man attractive also because it in the relations the Villain. From capital letter. And love for the Villain is practically always more volume and more vigorous, than love for “the good guy“. The increase is made here by an instinct of the hunter and tamer at the same time. That I if “I tame“ it also it to fall in love with me, it in degree will be more honourable also znatny than if the good person falls in love with me. Well and of course its counteraction, cynicism, rejection very much provokes and includes children`s pleasure on “dostavaniye“ and overcoming of obstacles, on resistance to foreign, more dense and strong will. Only ambush what: Villains are often absolutely deprived of ability to love, to trust, to remain in the relations. And then “to achieve“ often turns into desire “to finish“, “kill“, it is so much rage and despair from full powerlessness to receive that you want, all this Very interesting series about the punk - the musician finished the addict generates
. And that Amber is the honors pupil and the careerist - to it comes for a consolation when her House dismisses. Closer to consider freedom of an indifference. Freedom which absence of aspiration to perfectionism gives. Lack of thirst of achievement, drug “success always and in everything“. Yes, the addict depends on a dose. But also beautiful Amber is dependent on the achievements. And the withdrawal pains without dose are quite comparable with withdrawal pains of a failure and experience of rejection. Also the choice of the actor - it charming is good, lovely and loves children. I.e. to tell “otbros societies“ it is total to depreciate the person in whom there are also very attractive lines. And for me it is fair that in the movie Amber is dismissed also because refused to perceive this addict as the noteworthy person.
To be continued