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The press of dislike

Once upon a time there was a girl. Studied at school, helped mother, nursed the little sister. Ordinary such girl Moscow. The girl had a family the most ordinary too. The father worked, mother took care of children, the grandmother with the grandfather of course were. Lived not richly, but also did not live in misery. Our girl was obedient and clever, loved parents and the little sister. Mother of the heroine, the woman strict and imperious, did not indulge the daughters, but, it is necessary to pay her tribute, and did not offend especially. The truth the mood at mother changed often, how is the weather in the early spring. And with the husband it was got on not always. And having scolded with the father, mother could carp and shout and on a bottom to nadavat. But our girl did not take offense at her and what to take offense, at all so. Especially as when the little sister was born, to the girl was already whole 10 years. Absolutely big, has to be the assistant to mother, but not the capricious child.
Of course, mother loved both daughters, but, so it turned out that younger slightly - it is slightly more. Nobody to our girl, by itself, spoke about it, however, the little sister was never punished, not abused, and for her pranks, asked from starshenky. The baby in three years tore school notebooks with homework - itself is guilty, there was nothing to scatter. You go with girlfriends for a walk - five-year-old with yourself take the sister. The first grader home after the lessons &ndash escaped; as you could throw the child of one! And still, our girl very much loved the mother and the younger little sister, she always wanted to be for them the best and the most necessary. Tried to please in everything and to afflict with nothing. Usual in general history.
As all decent children from good families, the heroine went to music school. She, however, very much wanted to take dancing classes and figure skating, but mother had no time to carry her in section at the other end of the world because the little sister was only born. And still, mother dreamed to play all life on an accordion, the music school was absolutely near the house, and the girl realized mother`s dreams. she also met by
In a muzykalka the prince. The boy was gifted, cool, and he had in life a dream - to become the real intelligence agent. In our heroine, he, of course, fell in love, with all ardency of the first boyish love. However, the girl not too indulged him manifestation of reciprocal emotions. Perhaps, it liked a certain power over the fellow in love, is or perhaps just not too skillful to express these emotions.
Went years, our heroine grew. The boy, retired, and went behind it a pale shadow, was graciously called back. The girl turned into the girl, learned carnal pleasures, understood that she has success in men, and the boy very much loved her and always on the first call came back.
ended School days, the guy for receipt in treasured HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION needed to serve at first in army. He could enter any other institute, but the dream is dream and the boy went to repay a debt to the homeland. our young lady promised nothing
to it, however wrote letters and even on the oath arrived. It right after school did not begin to arrive anywhere and worked for the father in firm. And in men the girl did not refuse to herself pleasures, it often led to the conflicts with parents. No, of course our girl did not become a whore and tried not to afflict relatives, but also strict nobody would call her behavior. Men in her life changed quicker than pictures in a kaleidoscope. She did not look for love and did not get novels, the girl just thus ego-tripped. Any whom I will want mine will be! Our heroine thought. And it is valid, were it. The truth for only one evening... And bigger it was and it is not necessary.
the Guy having returned from army entered the desired institute of military translators and made the proposal of the beloved. It is necessary to pay tribute to our heroine, she honestly told it how with whom and how many he did not wait for
- Well, you marry me after that?
He, really, very strongly loved, answered that he will not reproach with life and married. Also there was a white dress, a long veil, wedding photos: it would seem, to a tale the end, on the contrary, our history only begins.
Change of the status and a surname is not enough that changed in life and the young lady`s habits. She, still, spent time with friends and men, without advertizing, but also not especially hiding it. Nuzhnlo to recognize that the family was provided by her, giving to the husband the chance
to get an education. Also the girl not bad, especially earned from its background. Whether the grant at the cadet is big.
Lived newlyweds separately from parents, it suited especially our heroine, the husband closes eyes to everything and strict mother does not know about anything. Such here, a peculiar, family idyll continued one and a half years. And then there was a misfortune. The guy had an accident by the wife`s car, and itself was strongly smashed and broke the car. the Young wife very much endured
, in hospital to it there came every day as to work, the truth not one, with the general childhood friend. Well, the friend and the friend, he at children at a wedding witnessed from the bride. And once, the friend as a cheerful baize, told the girl about how three together with her husband and one more friend, they removed the prostitute...
Earth left from under legs at the deceived wife! The fact that it, to put it mildly, was not faithful to the husband means nothing. BUT AS HE DARED! AS IT COULD! WHAT HE AFFORDED! Having hardly waited for the husband`s extract from hospital, she filed for divorce. Divorce - divorce means, the spouse answered.
They dispersed. The ex-wife came every day to it to institute, arranged long hysterics, demanded to return her money for the broken car, and even asked three friends it to beat, and itself sat and looked at it. Generally passions boiled serious. For the offended pride the girl collected a payment blood though, itself at that time already lived with the childhood friend and even was from him in the family way.
But, all bad is not eternal too. The former spouses finally dispersed and ours the heroine married the second time. For that friend. Gave birth to the son and completely replaced a way of life. More faithful wife could not be imagined and the spouse did not give vent to her.
So passed eight years. The exemplary spouse and indicative mother, our heroine, at heart, was always sure, that she should beckon only a finger, and the first husband will come running to her as in youth. Not that it needed it, but the thought of such opportunity always warmed of it soul.
They happened, at some professional exhibition, the woman at first became puzzled, then told it the tale of the happy lives, former smiled, sincerely rejoiced for it and... all. Having come home, she realized that she vseet loved years only it. Called, cried, asked about a meeting, and in reply heard
- Live life
I began... To our heroine was not to occupy persistence. She threw enormous forces on that to return the ex-husband. Divorced, returned a surname from first marriage, called, wrote, came, begged about a meeting. They met
I can live with any woman, except the hysteric woman - the first husband, » told it; during our joint life I saw you only with girlfriends and with a bottle about what to us to talk to you? About the independent film?
But the woman did not stop the trying, there passed six more years... During this time she three times changed the apartment, once again married, performed operation on increase in a breast, managed to quarrel and reconcile forever with parents and the sister, lost the closest friends, changed a circle of contacts, created, lost and once again created the business, but did not learn neither to love herself nor to be happy, the first husband of course did not return to it...
Probably history will seem someone banal, but such price we pay for the love half-received in the childhood, for inability to enjoy life and to appreciate each its mngnoveniye. to
If to you there was similar, do not try to run from yourself, address the expert, life of our heroine at any time could go absolutely on another.