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Habits of the beautiful woman. Try not to eat

for the night and to fall asleep with a hungry stomach and within 1 - 2 weeks you will begin to see light light sleeps and to wake up every morning in good mood and already with inspiration on something, and will get up fresh in the mornings, without sluggish desire to lie in half of day.

Try not to add two seasonings to food: salt and pepper and you will see that it is possible to gorge on by 2 - 3 times smaller quantity of food, within 1 - 2 weeks the body will cease to swell, and in a month you considerably will grow thin (concerns only having excess weight).

Try not to drink the lemonades and any carbonated drinks bought in shop, and you will see how simple water is tasty and that the satisfying of thirst requires much less.

Try not to drink coffee and tea within two weeks, and you will see that you all pleases that you quietly fall asleep and deeply sleep that you smoothed intense or gloomy wrinkles of the person and all easy (or heavy) nervousness left (or decreased at least twice) Try

, saying goodbye to the person to cease speak “let, well. give!“ and you will see how it is easy and pleasant to say goodbye.

Try week to go and sit with a direct back, and you will see how your memory will improve, and how quicker you will think.

Try for the person who is not pleasant to you, every time at the thought of it, to give it imagined the most magnificent (or especially good) a gift, representing as he rejoices, and you will see that it will concern you all better, as well as you him.

Try for one or two hours to a dream to switch off the TV and the computer and you will begin to see the desires and creative impulses.

Try to speak 2 weeks by phone only on business, and you will see that in days 36 hours.

Try every time at desire to take a cigarette - to take apple / tangerine / orange / banana or to drink a glass of water and in 2 weeks you will feel twice more strong, is more hardy and are stronger.

Try every time as you want to make something interesting you (let for the first time, let rare and you not peculiar, but pleasant) to make at once and to subtract minutes of thinking and an assessment and you will see that you can much more.

Try to smile every time as there is a wish, to smile to the passerby, let and for couple of seconds (having forgotten “that he can think of you“) and within a month you will begin to feel each person familiar and safe.

Try to lie down in a grass, among trees, far away from cars, without hesitating of people, and you will hear in yourself long-awaited silence.