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Delay on flight. Loss of baggage. What to do?

Delay aboard the plane or loss of baggage - unfortunately, situations which can happen to everyone. As prepare for a trip as try to provide all unforeseen circumstances - the reality can always give an unexpected surprise. But anyway it is necessary to know what to do in this or that situation. Let`s consider some of them.

Delay aboard the plane

If you already see that you are not in time on flight , then immediately contact airline from which acquired the ticket. And it is very important to make it before the end of registration for your flight.

In this case you will avoid so-called “no show - absence on flight“ and you will have an opportunity to be rebooked on other flight and to return money. In whole or in part - it already depends on type of the ticket which you got. As a rule, for the cheapest air tickets in case of delay return only of airport collecting is aboard the plane provided. If the air ticket is bought on more expensive tariff then return of an overall cost of the ticket is possible.

If you were late aboard the plane at the airport of change , then first of all it is necessary to find information rack of “Transfer information“ and to obtain information on what to do and how to rebook the ticket for other flight.

If delay at change on other flight happened because of the company of air carrier, then she bears full responsibility for delivery you in a terminal point of your route. However, this rule works only in case you have a monthly card along all route.

Example from life. I flew the KLM company from Hong Kong to Kiev with change in Amsterdam. Departure detained for 3 hours - the replaceable crew could not reach from the city the airport from in time - for heavy rains which washed away the road.

Respectively, the plane arrived to Amsterdam at 3 o`clock later when flight to Kiev already departed. Representatives of KLM rebooked my flight to later departure, gave a telephone card for calls from payphones of the airport, the coupon with the sum for lunch (I do not remember, how many) and, as compensation, the right for a discount in 60 Euros at acquisition of the air ticket of KLM.

But, I repeat, it is possible at the monthly card along all route. If you do not have it, then address at the airport to representative office of airline for which flight you were late. Loss of baggage

If you staid

at a tape of delivery of baggage until when on it things of passengers from other flight already floated, and your suitcase is absent both, and is not present, then it means that there was a loss of baggage. In this case straight go to service “Lost and Found“. This service is at any airport of the world. The employee of service will draw up the statement of loss of baggage and will begin search in the international system of search of baggage. If within 21 days the baggage is not found, then you coordinate further actions with this service - either to continue search, or to stop, and then the carrier is obliged to pay to you baggage cost.

The sum of compensation is defined at the rate of $20 for one kilogram. And the cost of things in your lost baggage has no value. But, as a rule, the baggage everything is is.

Besides from personal experience . Flight was London-Kiev with change at the Parisian airport Charles de Gaulle. On an arrival to Kiev after 40 minutes of expectation at the conveyor with baggage I comprehended that my suitcase of that … tyu - tyu. Immediately went to the above-stated service.

The employee soskanirovat my baggage receipt, looked at the monitor of the computer and joyfully reported that anything terrible - just my baggage was not managed to be overloaded from one plane in another. Joining in Paris really was only 30 minutes and I still thought: and as they will manage to unload one plane and to deliver baggage in another. Probably, because thought, here and were not in time.

Me it is oath assured that the suitcase will arrive by the next flight and I can arrive to the airport tomorrow and to take away it.

Attention! do not give in on this rod. They are obliged to get the lost baggage to you home in the coordinated time. What I also reported to the employee of service about. On his eyes I understood that this prospect not really pleases him, but there were nothing to do, and the next day my distressful suitcase was got directly to me home.

Therefore council : do not throw out the baggage receipt until receive the baggage. And still: to avoid possible sending your suitcase to other city, unstick from it all labels and labels from the previous trips. And at all the sticker or a label on a suitcase with your name, a surname, the city and contact phone number will not prevent. On the majority of modern suitcases and bags special places or windows are for this purpose provided.

Here, actually, also everything that it is necessary to do in case delay aboard the plane is short or loss of baggage all - will happen to you.