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For what night is necessary? For life!

At will of circumstances were necessary to become me an owl. And I tested all “delights“ of night wakefulness wholly...

Many of us at least occasionally, but spend sleepless nights. The reasons at all different: diseases, nervous stresses, vital problems. Those who does not manage to fall asleep under burden of these problems need sympathy and a wish of the speedy recovery.

We will talk about those night-birds who voluntarily refuse a night dream for the sake of vigorous activity and dances in night clubs. Let`s ask a question: and whether so night without dream is harmless? I understand that there is a wish to get on well all at life. Without work it is impossible, without active rest it is uninteresting. But it is impossible “to embrace immensity“! So, in my opinion, at Kozma Prutkov it is told. Forgetting in vital whirl that night is given on restoration of forces and health, ourselves reduce hours of the life.

Only at night epifizy (shishkovidny gland) produces melatonin, so-called “hormone of night“. Production of hormone begins to grow in the evening, since midnight till four o`clock is at development peak, and with sunrise stops the activity. When we fall asleep and we sink into a deep sleep - this hormone begins the work on updating of our organism, repairing slightly (or perhaps and not slightly) the damaged system.

Violation of this process leads to hormonal failure in an organism and emergence of diseases. It is necessary to add that this hormone is influenced by many factors: accommodation in the north, shift work, influence of electromagnetic fields, for example, work at the computer at night, bright lighting. All this is perniciously reflected in efficiency of hormone and does harm to our organism.

Work oppresses process of production of melatonin at night, increasing risk of developing of many diseases: warmly - vascular, hormonal and oncological. Our globe is filled in with continuous electric light, especially on the night party: illumination, lamps and fires - everywhere. Everything shines and sparkles.

Only it is beauty which ruins people as bright light suppresses production of melatonin, important for life, at night. You got used to sleep with a night lamp or under light of fires of the night city, without drawing a curtain? It is very harmful to normal functioning of an epifiz and its derivative - melatonin hormone. Scientific researches prove that bright light of city lamps damages health of residents of megalopolises.

Restoration of an organism goes strictly on internal clocks, and only at night. The day dream does not compensate an unused possibility of restoration. It was known by healers in ancient times, it is proved also by modern medicine. Strictly on hours. To each body - the hour of updating.

Our vigils do not give the chance to an organism to be restored, it turns out that ourselves steal health from ourselves. How you think why, catching a cold and getting sick, pulls us longer to have a sleep? Melatonin - fine antioxidant. Several times surpassing vitamin “C“ familiar to all, it helps with fight against cold and seasonal infections. But its full work requires a full-fledged night dream. It is possible to buy medicine, but you will not buy health for money - it is an axiom, but not just ordinary expression.

Become the best friend to the organism: fall asleep in time and you sleep well. I wish all health!