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Stars noted 300 - the anniversary of emergence of a bathtub in Russia!

last Sunday the people hurried in Shopping Center Gorod Lefortovo that could not but affect traffic jams and jams, and not only behind purchases for New Year`s holidays. This day the salon of bathroom equipment Aqua Plaza invited show stars - business, theater and cinema, and also all Muscovites and guests of the capital to celebration 300 - the anniversaries emergence of a bathtub in Russia.
According to historical entry in “The register of the accounting of imperial gifts“ behind number A347/12 in December, 1712 was presented to Peter I the latest pig-iron bathtub from Germany. Acceptance of a bathtub so worked on the tsar that he ordered “To all seigniorial estate of a bathtub to buy and in bathtubs to wash, and to force children and the wives!“
Official opening of the festive program began with performance of Tender May group. Andrey Razin under a tornado of applause executed the overage hits and admitted that he is on friendly terms with organizers of action long ago and is a regular customer of bathroom equipment in Aqua Plaza salon.
the Culmination of a holiday became carrying out unique movie tests to shooting of the remake based on plots in a bathroom from legendary movies: “Twist Of Fate or Happy Bathing!“, “What is wanted by women“, “Some Like It Hot“ and many others. According to the organizer of a holiday, the idea to shoot the parody to favourite movies came not incidentally. “The bathroom is a place in which, according to people spends more than a year of the life and our task - to make this time comfortable and positive. Therefore we solved in a comic form not only to tell, but also to visually show the best bathroom equipment with soul“, - Vitaly Trunov &ndash commented on movie tests; the CEO of Aqua Plaza - the most dynamically developing network of salons of the bathroom equipment celebrating the 2nd anniversary of creation.
the Famous Russian actor Alexey Ogurtsov under the sensitive guide of the people`s artist, director Andrey Zhitinkin and the producer Alexander Izotov became the first who passed a casting, having acted as Ippolit. It selflessly watered itself(himself) from a watering can, representing all a favourite scene from the movie “Twist Of Fate or Happy Bathing!“.
as the remarkable actor proved also Anton Zatsepin, it got Nick Marshall`s role from the movie “What Is Wanted by Women“. Anton coped with the role not worse, than Mel Gibson.
the Storm of an applause in numerous public were caused by the former participants of The House - 2 project Rustam Solntsev and Stepan Menshikov. Stepan settled in a bathtub with foam, representing Joe from the movie “Some Like It Hot“, Rustam for several minutes became Gerry, and the charming Sweetheart was played by Sveta from Ivanovo. The Trinity rehearsed an episode in a bathroom so emotionally that as soon as Zhitinkin tarried, Rustam lifted Sveta on hands and threw it in foam to Joe, further “shooting“ went not according to the scenario any more. Later Sveta told that she so got into the role that nearly choked with surprise in a penalty fee. “Here it is art force, - the director, &ndash commented; foam artificial, and the girl nearly died of a fright“.
Also to congratulate Muscovites and to note celebration 300 - the anniversaries of emergence of bathtubs in Russia, and also 2 - the anniversaries of a network of salons of bathroom equipment of Aqua Plaza came: deputy prefect of YuVAO Alexander Naydanov, Deputy head of a justice for social problems Evgeny Pavlov, singer Olesya Yaroslavskaya, Hands Up and Russian Size groups, participant of the Vacation in Mexico 2 project Mila Blum, singer, composer Maxim Postelny, designer Alice Tolkacheva, singer Prokhor Shalyapin, Russian champion of the Guinness Book of Records Bruce Khlebnikov and many other star guests.

And, of course, the holiday did not do without gifts from Aqua Plaza salon and the German producer of bathroom equipment No. 1 in Russia - AM PM. Cutting festive cake, Vitaly Trunov wished successful development of the company, and all attendee of excellent evening and great mood.
Organizer of action: Network of salons of bathroom equipment Aqua Plaza
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