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Onik Saakian - “Onik, rescue …“

the Participant of the III Moscow International Festival of arts (on June 18 - 22, 2009) there was a gifted artist and the jeweler, Salvador Dali`s pupil - Onik Saakian.

The talented dancer, the artist, the person of art subdued the master the eccentricity, the first meeting dragged on friendship for 20 years.
Onik Saakian: “For the first time I saw Dali when he was cut in a hairdressing salon and shaved the well-known short moustaches … Entering a hairdressing salon, I at once drew Dali`s attention because directly from a door executed difficult ballet reception - a pirouette through the head. Dali even goggled because he did not expect my such original emergence. He got up from the place and very theatrically blessed me“.


Was born in Tehran where after revolution of the 17th year parents got over. The father Bagrat was the native of St. Petersburg, mother Mariam Nazaryan - Moscow. Extremely plastic and artistic, Onik danced since seven years, attended the well-known school of Elena Avetisyan, in parallel drew, and is so successful that it was admitted later to institute of fine arts where plunged into the world of a traditional Persian miniature.
Star and really many-sided person. During a time of formation and knowledge so native to his heart and soul of art, he perfected the skill of the dancer in Moscow where it was sent to perfect dancing art for great success and talent. Having carried out
in the Bolshoi Theatre over a year, returned to Tehran, and from there jerked to America where in the beginning decided to try in a political science field, but creative “I“ got the best, and Onik came to “Art school“ in Los - Andzheles. Except study in “Art school“ he visited workshops of the famous artists, was trained in jewelry, having got to New - York, Onik for the first time learned glory, danced nearly 10 years to 73 - go years, masterly executing exotic dances - Indian, drevnepersidsky achieved the stunning success. gave solo concerts and acted in oriental in movies, but the gifted dancer found himself in the fine arts. Nach av from a miniature, and having tried the French Italian classics, it passed to impressionism.


Lucky coincidence and the friend the barber brought together our hero with Salvador Dali, eccentricity and extravagance of the young and talented fan of art involved the master of shocking. He loved the young and talented dancer, the artist and the jeweler at once and for the whole 20 years, in day of a fatal meeting Onik Saakian became one of close friends Dali and his Gala, as a sign of acceptance in the “near detour“ of Dali of the maestro dawned on it a cane and easily touched it shoulders - as if devoted in knights of the award.
In days of residence of Dali in New - York and later when Dali got out from native Port - Lyigata, they constantly communicated with Onik. Having opened after moving to New - York studio, the master often invited units from “a close circle“, in particular Onik and Amanda Lear.
Onik Saakian about Dali: “… I it is natural, right there rushed in hotel - communication from monsieur Dali - so I called it - was difficult and interesting business … To observe how it works, was a sheer pleasure, he made imperceptibly fast movements by a hand, and tremendous drawings suddenly appeared. And as he thinly wrote out the pictures … The virtuoso, in a word …“

At Onik Saakian is generally Dali`s drawings, from - for one of them they once had a quarrel, but Dali was attached to the young artist, he rescued the master in New more than once - York in hotels when there took place creative meetings of Dali with admirers of his talent of which he very much was tired and asked about the help of the friend: “Onik, rescue …“ - I had to disperse people, having embraced him, to drag to the elevator of hotel and then to declare to admirers that the master is hurt by the head“. Quite often Saakian rescued the master and in the art plan, helping it with its works. Dali had, of course, a hard character, often intolerable, but he was on friendly terms with Onik sincerely. They left in 78 - m only because, the maestro forever got sick, from native the Port - Lyitat and Figueres did not leave Spain already anywhere and with anybody did not communicate … The last exhibition of Onik Saakian in Porto was special, it was called “ Dali &Onik “. In Onik Saakian`s plans to betray to paper twenty years spent near Dali.


Onik became not only the close friend, but also the pupil Dali, he so like charm of the great mystifier that began to write quite in his spirit, receptions symbolics. Trying, imitating Dali Onic shortly got the manner and handwriting of the artist. His pictures are far from daliansky mysticism, its “syura“, unlike the master, these are some magic, fantastic landscapes both the boundless horizon and fluffy clouds. They are filled with extraordinary objects and animals.
Salvador Dali as a result entrusted Onik to paint in oils fair fragments of some well-known pictures as, for example in “Catching of a tuna“, and also work on sculptures from gold and silver. And it is not casual, Onik, except other, became the magnificent jeweler and it was often exhibited at exhibitions.

Critics called him “the orthodox jeweler“, “the Byzantine from New - York“, the jeweler of queens and courtesans. “I made by
for Dali and Gala about thirty things. They gave away some, some remained with them …“
B 86 - m Onik Saakian moved from New - York to Lisbon. “In this city eternal spring, … Lisbon romantic city“. He got used to the Portuguese capital, writes the fantastic, romantic syura and enjoys in the eternal spring. Cooperates with the best galleries of Portugal, America, Europe. His pictures scatter, without having managed to dry out.
its Many works are exposed in the best museums of New - York, Lisbon, Paris and even Moscow. Several albums about his creativity are published. Onis Saakian`s credo is simple and charming. “We have to do so that life became more interesting. It is necessary to be able to be on friendly terms, it is necessary to be able to communicate. And to move - without the movement I will die“.

Moscow International Festival of Arts.
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