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It is how dangerous to be the first person of the state? Whether

Are dangerous to be the first person of the state? Very much. Murders and attempts at monarchs, presidents and the prime minister - ministers - is enough commonplace at all times. Especially the last hundred years when the weapon became very perfect and does not demand to approach the victim on distance of an outstretched arm. Russia (USSR)

B 1918 any more not the emperor, but the head of a dynasty Nicholas II Romanov is shot by

together with a family. In 1918 F. Kaplan (the official version) wounded V. I. Lenin`s . Organized attempts at I. V. Stalin were not. The Red Army man Dmitriyev shot on November 6, 1942 at the government car which left the Spassky Gate of the Kremlin. On L. I. Brezhneva attempt is carried out by V. I. Ilyin in 1969. In 1983 at a house 26 entrance at Kutuzovsky Avenue (Moscow) of S. Shchelokov shot at Yu. V. Andropova . Attempt at B. N. Yeltsin is dated on September 28, 1989. Then unknown people near Uspensky dachas pushed off it from the bridge to the small river then Yeltsin caught a cold. On V. V. Putin according to not clear data organized already about twelve attempts. Avstro`s

- Hungary

Murder of the crown prince Franz Ferdinand in 1914 became an occasion to start World War I!


was made by

On the chancellor Adolf Hitler several tens attempts. The most known - K. Shtaufferberg in 1944 directly during meeting - the bomb in a portfolio was left under a table. During explosion Hitler got off with concussion and small wounds. 4 officers being present at meeting were killed, 18 more got serious wounds. Israel

B 1995 the prime minister - the minister Itzhak Rabin - the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, the first head of the Jewish state which recognized the Palestine Liberation Organization - shot

I. Amir, the religious young man of extremely right views.

of Congo

the Prime minister - the minister Patrice Lumumba was killed with

in 1961 after revolution.


F. Castro - a bone in a throat of the region of the Gulf of Mexico at coast of the USA. Probably, therefore absolutely fantastic number 638 (!) attempts of murder of Fidel Castro knows today. Unsuccessful attempts to destroy him cost the American taxpayers 120 million dollars. From all U.S. Presidents during F. Castro`s government only D. Carter did not make attempts of his murder from - for the religious beliefs.

of the USA

during pre-election meeting in Milwaukee was made 1912 by

B attempt on Theodor Roosevelt . Despite wound in a breast, the president did not leave a tribune and finished the speech to voters. In 1950 attempt of murder of the president Harry Truman in his residence on Pennsylvania - the avenue in Washington was made. The president John Kennedy was shot in Dallas in the opened car in 1963. In 1975 two attempts of attempt at the president Gerald Ford were made . In 1981 D. Hinckley shot at a breast to the president Ronald Reagan when that left the Washington hotel “Hilton“. A bullet, having punched a thorax, took place in one and a half centimeters from heart of the president and got stuck in a lung. It managed to be taken only after four-hour operation. According to some information, about 30 times attempted upon life of the president Billey Clinton ; on suspicion of attempt more than 80 people, the majority of them mentally sick were detained. In 2005 during speech of the president George Bush - younger at Liberty Square the citizen of Georgia V. Arutyunyan threw into Tbilisi towards a scene the grenade. She did not explode by accident. In August, 2008 in Denver attempt at the candidate for president Barack Obama prepared . There at this time there took place pre-election congress of Democratic party. FBI was succeeded to arrest in time three malefactors who categorically did not want that the Afro-American took part in elections.

of Chile

the President El Salvador of Allende is killed in 1973 in the palace by La - Moneda during the revolution arranged with A. Pinochet.


Murder of the king Alexander I Karadjordjevic and the French foreign minister to Louis Bart in 1934 in Marseille.

South Korea

the President Pak Chzhon (Chong) Hee in 1979 was shot by the director of the Central intelligence service of South Korea Kim Zhe Gyu. After arrest Kim Zhe Gyu declared that Pak Chong Hee was an obstacle for democracy, and its murder is dictated by patriotic motives.

There is not a complete list. By some estimates, this occupation the most dangerous in the world - “what to do, such work“. The top officials of steel “are scary far“ from the people - and if gather, then on islands (for example, Russky Island) in the human sea. Perhaps it is necessary to pay extra in it for harm?