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How there passed the Global Flashmob Snegurok? And you unless were not there?

B leaving 2012 - ohm to year my hometown of Izhevsk for the first time felt what is the Global Flashmob of Feminity. On August 1 to the Central square of the city there were 30 beauties in long hems and with flowers in hair. And they presented to all met passersby good mood and small amateur gifts.
on December 22 in 12. 00. local time in all corners of Earth time of Winter`s Tale came. Women from 17 countries, in 110 cities of Russia and abroad came to the second maiden Flashmob under the name “Group of Snow Maidens Of Special Function“.

Previous day (when all waited for a doomsday!) we carried out in efforts: packaged tangerines, glued on snowflake gifts, sewed tinsel to fur coats and hems. In passing it was necessary to answer numerous calls from journalists: - Listen to
, tomorrow minus 30 promise …
- Well and that? The flashmob will take place under any weather conditions!
- And you are not afraid of a doomsday? In total - cataclysms there everyones?
- I do not know that there with a doomsday, and we have new Hera`s beginning: love, beauty and wisdom! - I rap out.
- Tell, and such person - Olga Valyaeva - in general exists? here I sprinkled
I from laughter.

the Inspirer of action - Olga Valyaeva is a Petersburg writer and the psychologist, the wife and mother whose books and mailings became recently, literally, axiomatic for many women in the different countries of the world.
Olga Valyaeva celebrated an August Flashmob in Italy, and in December brought together familiar Snow Maidens in India. During this day it accepted news from every quarter of Earth and it is a line thanked Snow Maidens for courage to come to the Flashmob and at - 20, and at - 30 S.
“I promise, prizes will be won by all!“ - Olga in social networks wrote. Among prizes for the most mass and most original December Flashmob organizers promised books, video lectures and even the real Indian scarfs and a sari brought from Vrindavan.
But we went to a frost not for the sake of prizes today? And even not for the sake of the invited journalists … To be a Magician is a special responsibility!

Early in the morning I jump and I run to a window: what there shows a thermometer? - 25! Well that - I climb behind a couple of sweaters. Tangerines - on pockets, the camera is charged, gifts - in a bag. “Children, quickly looked at me!“. Sons crucially inspect my dress:
- Mothers, you are such beauty - and! - youngest shouts.
- Is good! - quietly declares the second.
Well, good luck.

“You - from the deputy?“
the First old men sink under my pressure. I run to them at full speed:
- Hello! And it is possible I you I will wish a Happy New Year?
- Oh … You - from the deputy? there is no
- And that, advertizing some campaign? there is no
- I just like that, in itself! - I climb in a bag and I serve them apples. - Be happy in New year. And good luck!
I at old men in the eyes appear tears. Probably, from a frost …

“You - who?“

It appears b, to stick to children too it is necessary to be able.
- You - who? - mistrustfully the girl in a pink fur coat studies me. I am a little lost:
- I? It seems Snow Maiden. Take, please, a gift! - I get a self-made rag doll in the Udmurt monist. The little girl with doubt turns around on the grandmother:
- Is possible?
- Is possible - it is possible, - the joyful grandmother nods. - Oh, as cool! Tell the aunt thanks and give it a candy. we with pleasure arrange to
I barter: a doll and tangerine - in exchange for a candy. I leave puzzled, but happy.

With a skirt in a pocket
11. 55. I look around. I understand everything: frosty, it is windy, a lot of the stranger to the people: some shashlychnik, dressed up Penguins, the jumping Snowmen and grandmas - Yozhki. But on the Flashmob 70 people were declared even. And??? the Unfamiliar girl suddenly comes up
from crowd, smiling:
- And I recognized you! You - Wriggling?
- And you are Snegurka?
- Yes! My name is Larisa.
Now my turn to crucially examine the interlocutor: ski panties, pukhovichok, total absence of bags.
- Now! - Larisa speaks with confidence and climbs for a bosom. From there the paper bag with tangerines, the rustling tinsel and self-made brelochek falls out of beads. Larisa gets from a pocket … a huge skirt into which right there dexterously jumps. Here they, fantastic residents of Izhevsk!
- We are ready, - we turn to photographers. - Went!

And 40 more minutes we run on the area, we stick to pensioners and children, we smile to police officers and drivers, we distribute to the right and on the left fruit and the most sincere wishes.
A in an hour we get warm at home and we watch in a photo Network as we pleased Snegurki Ufa passersby and Chelyabinsk, Prague and Mariupol, Moscow and Surgut today. Thank you, girls from all corners of Earth. Thanks to you, my native Izhevsk that allowed to give pleasure to all met kind people today!