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What is Rorshakh`s test?

can Practically be found in each women`s magazine various psychological tests which along with crossword puzzles became popular pastime for a long time. Professional psychologists indulgently treat tests of this sort and consider them no more than entertainment.

In psychodiagnostics are used absolutely by other tests and techniques which are not always available to the general public.

Already there are a lot of years around the world one of the most popular tests on research of personal, adaptive, resource features of the person, and also possible mental deviations Rorshakh`s test called by name the Swiss psychiatrist who thought up it in 1921 is . Still this test is called by “ink spots“ or “Rorshakh`s spots“.

Herman Rorshakh studied in Zurich in a psychiatry. Psychoanalysis fell within the scope of its interests, he held a position vice-the president of the Swiss society of psychoanalysis. Herman Rorshakh married the Russian woman Olga Shtempelin. They several times came to Russia, some time Herman even worked in sanatorium in Kryukovo near Moscow, but soon returned back to Switzerland.

In student`s years friends nicknamed it “Blot“. At that time among children and teenagers game when on paper did ink blots was popular and tried to make out in them various figures. Watching this game, the scientist came to a conclusion that each person sees images which most correspond to his perception of the world. The idea to create tests on the basis of ink spots for which he was called the ingenious psychotherapist subsequently came to its mind.

How Rorshakh created the test? Everything is very simple: on a sheet of paper he poured multi-colored ink, then put paper in half to receive the second half of the image. Then did big scientific work to make methodical recommendations about interpretation of the seen images. He included this test in the book “Psychodiagnostics“ and began to look for publishing house which would print its work. It was hard, only the seventh publishing house agreed to take the test in the press. At the same time such incident turned out that from 15 tests it was printed only 10, and the size twice smaller. In such look the test was also included into practice.

But the scientist waited for disappointment. The scientific organization scarified a new technique. During lifetime of Rorshakh no more than ten books as in a year he suddenly died were sold. Recognition of the test appeared later when in several years other scientists improved it and created detailed instructions for interpretation of the images seen by patients.

Of course, ideally it is necessary to take a test individually, but it is in certain cases possible to work also in small group. The most amazing that is valid, looking at identical pictures, each person sees something special. It is interesting that Rorshakh`s test is used by psychologists of many countries, but in answers the large role is played sotsio - cultural conditions in which the person grew up.

On the Internet there are many websites which suggest to pass Rorshakh`s test online, and for receiving results suggest to pay service, having sent SMS to the specified number. But seriously about several reasons cannot belong to results of such testing. The practicing psychologists usually buy the licensed pictures in order that the image was reliable. During testing the psychologist will give the detailed instruction and can ask the specifying questions. You can overturn the picture and, respectively, see a bit different images than if you just directly look. Interpretation of test results - quite difficult work. In order that it is correct to interpret what you made out, psychologists study the methodological recommendations developed according to the international standards only after it can professionally work with this test.

Abroad Rorshakh`s test remains many decades very popular. In the Soviet Union it was used in 1970 - x years in clinical practice, but more widely it began to be applied only in the last twenty years. Despite the seeming simplicity, it is one of the most reliable techniques of studying of mental features of the person.

And what you see in an ordinary ink blot?.