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How to compensate to the client a miss in service? Bases of outstanding service!

High-quality service provide high profit. Everything is simple. However in everyday life we constantly face catastrophically low-quality solution of problems of service. And most of consumers realize that misses and breakages happen. they do not wish neither to understand

But justifications, nor to accept and just are not interested in it. They do not care about your logistics. If you tell that with a problem it is necessary to address to other department, then thereby will not win heart of the consumer.

But an interesting opportunity - an opportunity to approach the client disappears in the heaviest and unpleasant moments. You can learn to cope with misses in service so masterly that they will only strengthen sincere loyalty of consumers.

Authors of the book “Outstanding Service, Excellent Profit“ Leonardo Inguilyeri and Mika Solomon share the principles of the first-class service which help to turn service misses into progress.


- Do not panic.

After a successful solution the trust and spirit of association at consumers usually increases. And the level of credibility is exceeded considerably that existed before emergence of a problem. And it is clear: the general difficulties pull together. You solved a problem, working shoulder to shoulder.

- Do not speculate about what the client wants or “has to want“. Ask

! If he states a request which seems to you excessive or absurd, do not hurry to reject it. Even if it seems that it is impossible to meet the similar requirement, it is always possible to find a reasonable way to the mutually acceptable decision.

- Do not appeal to “justice“.

the Warm attitude of the consumer to the company does not depend on justice. The client wants that treated him kindly - always!

- You study on problems of consumers, but do not use the arisen situation to bring up and train employees in the face of the client. Similar council can seem to

trivial, but it happens quite often. You watch yourself, especially in stressful situations.

- Do not consider that, having corrected the miss, you render to the client huge service. Time cannot be returned back to

. What was - that passed. You could make everything well at once, but now late. Therefore recovery of the normal provision is only the first step. And then you are obliged to give to the consumer something bigger. Mother sticks the broken knee and gives to the kid lollipop. If you are not sure that you can offer the specific consumer, just hint that you are going to make it. If the client does not love red lollipops or does not eat sugar, he will let you know it. And then you together will be able to define adequate compensation.

- Always you remember the value of consumer fidelity.

the client Faithful your brand for a couple of decades of continuous purchases will make the companies a fortune.

We conducted research of consumer value in own companies and in firms of our clients and every time were convinced that the devoted client brings to the company about 100 thousand dollars, and even it is more. Perhaps, in your business this sum will make several thousands of dollars or maybe half a million. Do not forget about this indicator when you have a temptation to row to the client from - for overdue deliveries.

Also remember! Correction of misses - very delicate situation, and successfully it is just impossible to cope with it without correctly been loss for words and expressions. The client wants to hear from you sincere apologies: “I am sorry …“, “Excuse me …“. At all forget about such phrases as “It is policy of our company …“, and also about all synonyms of expression “You are wrong …“ If the client is really wrong

and you have all legal basis to point to it to it, loss for words it is necessary to be even more carefully. Use such phrases as “Judging by documents …“ and “Apparently …“. The person has to realize the mistake, but at the same time not lose face.

The classical question “And You Turned on the Device in the Socket?“ is capable to infuriate the person. Try to formulate it differently: “Perhaps, it is all about the socket. You could not do me favor: please, check whether normally the plug enters the socket“.

(On materials of the book of Leonardo Inguilyeri and Mick Solomon “Outstanding service, excellent profit“.)