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What salad to make for New Year? Tasty and beautiful!

New Year - a surprising holiday! Each New Year we are in magic expectation, irrespective of age. Even knowing that you prepare a gift for the child, all - a little bit you believe both in Father Frost, and in miracles. Perhaps, this night, this miracle will occur. And that is surprising, miracles really happen. Probably, it is worth making the wish, with the first peal of bells?

But so far you make wishes for big miracles, I suggest you to arrange small miracles for your guests.
All want to please the relatives with a tasty entertainment on a holiday, especially for New Year! And not only tasty, but also beautiful. There is a wish for pleasure, laughter and fun! The New Year`s table without snack and salads is a nonsense. Of course tasty snack a set - in books, and the more so on the Internet.
Nevertheless, I will dare to offer several salads which approach Winter`s Tale, under the name “New Year“

Salad of “Snow of Siberia“
In Siberia now snow which sweeps day. The winter takes the rights. But whatever occurred in the world, the country, personally at us - we precisely know that after winter the spring will come. For now ahead long winter road. We wait for New Year, we read recipes. We cook tasty, useful and beautiful salad with the beautiful name: “Snow of Siberia“ of
Recipe of preparation:
to boil beet, it is better round than the small sizes, to cool, on a large grater to rub; smoked sausage or smoked ham to cut
prunes to wash out, clear of stones, to cut straws; onions to cut
to add the peeled pine nuts and cowberry; everything to mix
and to dress with mayonnaise;
salad is ready. Good luck!
&ndash beet; 3 small; &ndash prunes; 50 g; &ndash cowberry; 1 / 2 glasses; sausage or &ndash ham; 250 g; onions - 1 piece; pine nuts - 1 / 2 glasses; mayonnaise - 250 g

Gran - at Salad
Bright, elegant, tasty. Salad is not difficult performed by, does not demand special financial expenses, beautifully looks, and at the same time is low-calorie.
Recipe of preparation:
to boil eggs, to take a little in cold water, to clear, cut;
to boil potatoes, to clear and cut on cubes;
to cut red onions rings;
to mix salad, having added pomegranate grain; to fill
with olive oil, garnet sauce and a little lemon acid; to decorate with
with parsley or fennel;
Salad is ready. I wish health and bon appetit!
of egg - 3 pieces &ndash potatoes; 3 - 4; pomegranate of 1 piece. &ndash onions; 1 pieces olive oil - 3 Art. of l;
&ndash sauce; “ Narsharab “ - 1 Art. of l; lemon &ndash acid; 1 h l;

Dream salad - a small miracle. This salad is created by
especially for New Year, pleasure from it - incomparable.
of Salads under such name exists much, but here in such symbiosis personally it is pleasant to me most of all.
Recipe of preparation:
we boil eggs, we cool in cold water, we clear and we rub on a large grater;
cheese also on a large grater;
nuts is split small up; ham we cut
we get marinated honey agarics from banks, marinade we merge
onions it is small cut;
is mixed, we add some grape, having left part for ornament;
we dress with
mayonnaise salt and pepper on taste;
Good luck!
&ndash ham; 250 g; &ndash grapes; 1 cluster; walnuts - 3 tablespoons; onions - 1 piece honey agarics marinated - 1 bank; &ndash mayonnaise; 200 - 250 g; salt, pepper, greens on taste;

I congratulate all users of the magazine, editorial office of the magazine with coming New Year! Be happy, healthy and loved!