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New Year`s fever. What to buy as a gift darling?

New Year`s Eve sales, a huge number of people in shops, in a word, holiday fever. On the one hand, this cool time, show-windows are decorated invitingly with the burning sparks with promises of fabulous discounts, cozy small restaurants with fir-tree branches, New Year`s and Christmas attributes everywhere...

Here and I bought New Year`s spheres, small figures of snakes - symbols of the coming year - and slowly but surely, business reached the most interesting - gifts.

I make the list. To the girlfriend - a beautiful purse, mother - a bag, the grandmother - the promised shampoo and balm, to the friend - a new charm - a small lamp … And here on a name blessed I had a stupor. Strange, I know it long ago and what to present how to please - a riddle.

I open the Internet. I drive in into popular search engine “What to present to darling“. Heart joyfully misses a bit - 48 thousand references. Well everything, I think, the issue is resolved. Aha, as if not so! Offers weight, beginning from standard gifts, type of alcohol, cuff links and ties, and finishing with a striptease in own execution. Original councils like “were pleasant present the wall newspaper!“ or “Bulgarian“. I represent a face of my elect when he gets the Bulgarian from gift packing.

On the tenth reference came across the offer to present blessed freedom. Well, perhaps, the offer has the right for life! After that I fatefully closed the Internet. What`s the use to ask the heartless car that, the answer on what I have to look for in transparent hints of darling? Senselessly. Nevertheless many offers, like gift certificates for any adventure pleasure actions, not too bad at all. But for some reason it seems to me that all this not that.

Then I decided to go from the return. Here what I would like? Hmmm, difficult question. It would be desirable a dress, a big case, those tremendous shoes on a hairpin for the magnificent sum which saw in a show-window of very expensive boutique, a new cool original bag and, of course, diamonds yesterday! Perhaps, I not very much differ from other girls? If to argue thus, then and my blessed too not really differs from other male individuals and no small man`s pleasures are alien to it (and do not think nothing of that kind!) .

Hit in searches of various computer attributes, beginning from accessories (the keyboard, a mouse, earphones) to disks with toys. Quite good option. I remember, on aiming of the friend presented to darling some fancy earphones. What they differ from usual in, did not understand. Unless the price is five times higher. Blessed too not at once estimated, then few times played them in the favourite shooter game … Resorts on kitchen where I drank tea, eyes burn, emotions too much: “You represent, it is heard from what party the opponent approaches me! I them there kaaaak ….!“ and so on. In a word, delight.

Then I addressed automobile subject - video recorders, navigators, so-called antiradars and how many all lotions for a car! Crazy it is possible to go, I also did not suspect about existence of some. Holy Christ, apparently, my brain will blow up now! It seems that I begin to understand men - the poor as to them, be, it has to is heavy to choose to us jewelry! Of course, it is possible not to bother and present expensive perfume, for example, or the electric razor. But! I recommend to consult for a start with friends - men or at least to read man`s responses.

What for? There now the electrorazor - a universal gift, it seems. Simply and it is clear. Not absolutely so: “Before had a shave only with machines, but after the first shaving by the electrorazor it was a little dumbfounded: long, completely everything does not shave, after shaving irritation, after the second time it was better, on the third time on a neck there were cuts, there are separate not shaved hair, on a neck does not shave the whole sites, as if did not crawl in any directions …“. Unexpectedly? For me it was a surprise - men - that ours, it appears, gentle creations …

Recently in shop of cell phones saw flash cards in the form of automatic machines and tanks. No, well cool! Did not keep and bought darling a flash - the automatic machine. Rejoiced as the child! To what I all this? On the one hand, it is simple to choose a gift, it is only necessary to see in the man of the little boy - and please, to you the road to “Toy Store“ behind radio-controlled model of a race car or table hockey. Or to see in it the hero of the movie “Forcing“ - then to you in department of automotive vehicles and accessories. You want the athlete - at your service sport - shops. The beloved grew up on the animated film “Moydodyr“? Shower gel and perfume.

On the other hand that to see all this, it is necessary to look at the man lovely to heart attentively. Agree, it is worth it to spend forces and attention to a small shpionstvo behind it? Then to give it such gift which he will long remember also with gratitude. And together with a gift - and you.