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You have no giving? We do a kitchen garden on a balcony.

New Year and Christmas! We are waited by January vacation - fir-trees, fireworks, driving from hills, gifts and abundance on holiday tables. All this will be soon.
But vacation eternal do not happen, there will come labor everyday life. January - is time to be accepted to a kitchen garden. I understand your surprise: a December more and holidays did not come - like a reason for such statements is not present. You should not be surprised: in January it is time to be accepted to a house kitchen garden. What kitchen garden, you when in shops of the shelf burst with the delivered goods ask. And merchants with advertizing at every turn

It agrees, in the markets and in supermarkets now everything is: fruit, vegetables, greens - all the year round. As the if varnished, imported vegetables and fruit, attract the bright beauty. But to break the cucumber or a radish for okroshka - absolutely other pleasure. Troublesome? Undoubtedly. But if at you the soul missed on the ground, and work, or health do not allow to have giving - you suit kitchen garden option on a window sill.
What is necessary in order that this idea to realize? Before all - the desire, is a little diligence, the patience and is not enough money. A house kitchen garden - not for the sake of a harvest. You will not reap a big crop from such area.
the Main reason to make a house kitchen garden on a balcony and a window sill - love.
process of a unification with the nature, in the conditions of city life, - works is fertile. When you see every day changes in the plants planted by you as they sensitively respond on leaving - heart is filled with love. You should not forget that children need to impart love to wildlife, and a house kitchen garden - a fine opportunity for this purpose.

If you lit up idea to create a kitchen garden on a balcony and a window sill, it will be interesting to you to learn how it is correct to equip it. Using the provided recommendations are lower, you soon will be able also to reap a tasty crop from the window sills! On window sills and balconies limited, so large plants it is better for
to leave space for a garden site.
will not be suitable for balconies and windows of apartments such vegetables as eggplants, vegetable marrows onions, cabbage and potatoes.
What can be put in a kitchen garden at a window? Choice not such and small: the tomatoes, sweet and hot pepper, a garden radish, color and Beijing cabbage, not large grades of carrots, cucumbers which are not demanding pollination. From greens it is possible to put: salad, fennel, basil, coriander, parsley. Also well grow in room conditions: a celery, a melissa, a thyme, a mangold, garlic and onions (on a feather). As we see, as at such choice, on a table there will always be natural vitamins.

the Container for landings

to equip a kitchen garden on a balcony or a window sill, it is necessary to take care of a container for landings. Skilled gardeners advise
to use wooden boxes from fir-tree or pine boards about 2 cm thick, 12 - 15 cm high. Less than length of a window sill and a balcony is better to do length of boxes. At the bottom of wooden boxes surely it is necessary to provide openings for a water drain, from the outer side it is necessary to beat to the bottom levels across that the box did not adjoin densely to the pallet. Plastic boxes are recommended to be chosen higher as on a bottom it will be necessary to fill a drainage from sand or
gravel It is possible to use potter`s pots for vegetable plants and seedling, clay flat dishes and hollow peat pots. it is better for
of the Container not to use for house kitchen gardens, to plants will be hot and closely


needs Also to take care of illumination. there is no
in the Summer of such need, the natural sunlight provides to plants on balconies and on window sills optimum conditions. With approach of fall it is time to take care of good artificial lighting. As light sources luminescent fluorescent lamps or this world at the rate of 120 - 300 W on 1 sq.m will approach. As these lamps give not enough heat, they can be placed directly near plants. To achieve uniform development, they should be turned periodically the different parties and to rearrange. What

soil to choose?

the Garden or field earth in pure form on a balcony will not be suitable

for a kitchen garden: when watering nutrients from it will be washed away, and the soil will strongly be condensed. Freshly cooked peat is no good too - it contains substances, toxic for plants.
is the best of all to use mix from the garden, field or cespitose earth with humus, peat, the compost earth, adding the loosening materials. In flower shops rather wide choice of ready soil mixes for landings of houseplants, is better to use ready soil for each type of greens or vegetables.

As you can see, a house kitchen garden - it is not difficult at all, but it is fascinating.
If is desire and interest, then such kitchen garden will become for you Klondike for new opening and hobbies. I wish you good luck!