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How to choose a festive image for New year?

the Holiday of holidays - - are already close New year. In total “clean plumelets“ - do hairstyles, experiment with laying, think what to put on. And you thought up? The cozy sweater with leggings will not give a ride here. The dress code depends on that with whom you plan to hold a celebration.

New Year`s evening with the young man

you the lucky woman! New year with darling is the real gift. A dress and anything except a dress! It can be monophonic and color, moderately short or long. It is not excluded that you will choose fitting. You watch that the dress was your size and fitted, but did not pull together. There is no dress - it does not matter. Try not to ask from girlfriends. In their clothes you, most likely, will feel uncomfortably, plus nervousness - and evening is spoiled.

There is no dress? Put on always actual jeans and elegant top. The blouse, shirt, t-shirt or cardigan have to be nice on the touch. As for jewelry - do not overdo. You not a New Year tree. Choose one. Always to the place a string of pearls or a small pendent on a very narrow chain. The modest, but poured from evening light earrings.

Perfume - a riddle for the guy. Do not pour out all bottle of perfume. If there is no suitable aroma, take a little vanillin and rub with it an internal surface of clothes. From you will smell sweet. If far to go, and on the street awful cold, under a dress it is better not to put on kapron tights. Thin wool even if tights will be openwork, is warmer than kapron.

A hairdress - be not overzealous with means for laying. The young man will want to run a hand over your silk hair... You represent its reaction when fingers get stuck in this construction which is filled in with the indelible conditioner? Remember! Your smile and expression of the loving eyes will not be replaced by expensive dresses.

the New Year`s hen night

Walk, the imagination as you can!

A retro - a party - a bright dress, shooters in the eyes and a pile. It is not obligatory to buy a new dress. Glance in old clothes of mother or grandmother. For certain there excellent dresses are stored. If carries, you will find some beads or bracelet there - they will add an image.

Masquerade. The Snow Maiden`s suit - it, of course, is beaten, but if the Snow Maiden, say, an idianka - why also is not present? Turn back bright orange fabric. Here it is possible to apply also a curtain, only do not cut it. Time you the Indian Snow Maiden, pick up tinsel in tone of a dress. On the head make an equal hair parting, collect hair in a bunch or leave dismissed, put the end to a forehead - you are ready!

New year with parents

New year - a family holiday. You prepared delicacies, stocked up with gifts, decorated a fir-tree. It is not necessary to treat the and parental work devil-may-carely. Put on excellent mood and the most beautiful thing. It is better if this thing - the gift given by parents some time ago. Force also them to dress up.

Today you will be soul of the family company. Create the image reminding that five-year-old baby whom mother drove in kindergarten and the father rolled on a back. In the late afternoon get all photo albums and ask about what interests you from your childhood. You learn a lot of interesting.

Remember, the family is the main thing!