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New year. What dish will be able to make a holiday table memorable? Usually thoughts in the head our women have

… It is a lot of. It is a lot of! And if to them from that - though some advantage, to us, men, - one continuous harm. “Whose it is a slipper here? Directly in the middle of the room! And how long the crane in a bathroom will drip?“

Everything, full ambets of quiet and measured life. On the horizon, here and to meteorologists do not go, the clear-out hurricane appears. Not otherwise guests podgrenut …

Guests soon! Yes as it I? Last decade of December. New year on a nose! Here - here to sit down at a table … And therefore in addition in the head of our women also a heap of holiday questions of type: “That all (and including!) to present? In what to meet? What it on a holiday table to put?“

I if the first question - is especially individual, and to interfere with the second - - to - mu I do not advise, then with the last … With the last - there are options!

More hotly, and therefore the central dish of a holiday table, it not only tasty has to be. But still - original, memorable. A feast - that is not just like that. And apropos. Moreover to what occasion! So let it will be remembered! And for a long time. That then your guests told the grandsons:

- And somehow I remember … No, your grandmother of it did not prepare. And mother - too. Perhaps the wife will be honored? So it would be desirable to repeat!

But originality of originality - discord. I did not recommend to prepare the stuffed pike for a New Year`s table. Difficult this dish and labor-consuming. And if on it is mute to concentrate … That salads - when? And what New Year`s table without Russian salad? Or a herring under a fur coat?

No, the stuffed pike - is no good. Here another is necessary. Tasty, original, memorable, but a simple dish. Short and capacious, as shot. Fish with onions in slivochno - mustard filling.

Fish? And cream?!

Well and. Fish and cream. And anything strange, by the way. A traditional combination of fish and dairy products - one of characteristic features of the Finnish ethnic cuisine. And from Karelia to Finland … Half a day of a way. Approximately as much - at customs. And - meet us by Suomi - the beauty! However, this recipe to me not from Finland, and from Hungary arrived. But both Finns, and Ugra … They - in one family. Generally, as in my opinion, on a dish family tree - it is enough. We marry off not the bride! We they are we will eat!

And to eat, fish also should be prepared. Though about it is it is possible not to worry. On the technology a dish so simple that it is possible to prepare it, practically without leaving from - for a holiday table. The main thing that we near at hand had a following:

- a trout (a salmon, a salmon or other option of noble red fish - a table - that festive!) kilogram on one and a half;

- 0,4 - 0,5 l (two glasses) low-fat (10%) cream;

- 4 average bulbs;

- 100 - 150 g of firm cheese;

- 2 - 3 teaspoons of mustard;

- salt, black ground pepper - to taste.

First of all we clean, we clean fish. We separate from a carcass the head, and fillet - from a hrebtina. We delete gills and we postpone the head together with ridge away. Specifically now they are not necessary to us. But here when business will reach fish soup … Both the first, and the second very much is even useful! But fish soup is as - nibud then, and now - we do not distract.

If we do all preparations for some time before we include an oven, it is possible to prisolit fillet a little. Though it - is not obligatory.

As soon as with cutting of fish finished, the onions turn came. We clean it and small we slice. Small, when the half rings which turned out as a result of the cross shredder we also povdol cut it on 4 - 5 parts.

All. The preparatory stage is complete. It is possible to sit down together with guests to a table and … To celebrate!

And somewhere for an hour till that solemn moment when on help already rather the thinned ranks of salads and cold appetizers have to suit hot, having apologized to guests, for several minutes you move to kitchen.

First of all we fill on a baking sheet bottom slightly - slightly onions. Already we stack fillet on it. Skin down. Jack. A jack is when the head (or what at fillet was closer to it) one half of a carcass - to a tail another. And vice versa. If the carcass does not get into a baking sheet completely - nothing terrible. We cut off tail part so that remained after cutting got. And the tail is attached or on the town of a baking sheet, free from fillet, or where its thickness - is less. At the same time the first layer of fillet from the second (if suddenly such situation arises) it is desirable to separate a thin layer of the shredded onions. And everything the fillet which remained to strew after that from it from above. And to fill in slivochno - mustard filling. For its preparation we part a generous teaspoon of mustard, gradually adding to it cream, prisalivay, we pepper.

It is better to prepare filling in several stages. Prepared a glass (0,2 l), poured out it in a baking sheet. Then estimated - how many still it is required filling that it completely covered the onions laid from above by fillet. Still glass? One and a half? Or it will be possible to be limited to a half from standard stakanny capacity?

And as closed filling onions, a baking sheet - in the oven which is previously warmed to 250 degrees. And let it costs there. Minutes 20. And you for this time can return to guests. Or to be engaged in a garnish. For example, boiled potato. Potato and to a small fish … What can be better?

Or such option - previously to peel potatoes. Let costs, waits for the hour of triumph.

Generally, put a baking sheet in an oven, you have twenty minutes. And with what to occupy them that then was not excruciatingly painful, everyone for himself solves. It is possible, for example, to rub cheese on a large grater. And as term will approach, the baking sheet from an oven was got. Strewed cheese from above and back put everything. Only temperature condition can already be translated degrees on 150. And time of the second stage - is slightly less. Minutes 15.

And potato on a plate - already boils. You got greens from the refrigerator. Washed. Chopped swept. And again - to guests. And as soon as they will begin to sniff and worry … Sure sign! Time for kitchen to come back came.

The baking sheet was got from an oven. What in it, was cut on portion pieces. Water from a saucepan was merged, potato was spread out on plates. Potato and fish. Well that can be … Greens! Greens were forgotten. Here, now, probably, and all. It is possible hot to give on a table. Time. And that guests izvolnovatsya already all.