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Geniality of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - banal, for children
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
r - in a riddle, for reflection, on ingenuity and installation of the opinion
yu - humour

Geniality promotes helps influences to development of geniality comes why it is necessary to achieve benefit prevents formation to cultivate harm to impart to show is necessary to teach warm-hearted people children value definition the advantage of the reason a basis

z Geniality - kindness, benevolence, philanthrophy … is important
zdv Geniality - a basis of existence of a modern civilization. zdpv it is the best of all for
to impart Geniality through growth of spirituality and morality.
zpvl From that who could become warm - all bad is showered as a peel in itself.
zpvl If everything in the world could become warm - the evil, wars, violence, crime, corruption, hatred, deception, lie, envy would disappear …
zpv Warm it is not capable, to kill, steal, humiliate … z Dislike for people passed
to us from the wild nature - where thanks to it our far ancestors survived.
zpv Geniality for existence in a modern civilization, unlike the wild nature - not only is extremely necessary, but also is favorable.
zpv Without geniality a civilization will die from - for deteriorations in ecology.
of stars Deterioration in ecology without geniality and love to the nature - irreversible process.
z Not the warm-hearted official for a bribe, and the ordinary person just for the hell of it and benefits, will close eyes to any natural destructions.
and To geniality - appeals God.
and Among believers - warm is more.
and Truly believing - cannot but be warm.
and Cannot consider that someone warm - if he does not love, at least one person even if he is the last villain.
pv to Estimate acts and it is even possible to isolate people for the purpose of safety of others, but to do it it is necessary loving them, considering that not they are guilty, and the nature, lameness, circumstances …
zp Warm love all world around.
p Geniality - is favorable.
zpv exempts Geniality from rage, hostility, sensitivity, discontent …
zpv Geniality does life not burdened, joyful, communication pleasant that well affects on wellbeing, health, mood …
and the Person to similar - is doomed to geniality.
zr Not warm being among people as it is compelled, and - longs for the requirement.
z Warm - is more comfortably.
but Not geniality to people gnaws heart, saddens life, does not allow happiness …
zpvl Very difficultly to become warm without understanding that nobody in is guilty. People make nasty acts from - for influences of natural instincts, heredities, the wrong education, diseases, frustration of mentality, living conditions, a situation … But it of course does not mean that it is not necessary to work on improvement of the human qualities and to influence in this direction others, and to isolate people, dangerous to society.
zpvl In development of geniality can be very important forgiveness of all offenses of people - beforehand.
zpvl Geniality comes through understanding that people as animals, plants, mountains, the wood, the sea the same children of the nature - which it is necessary to love.
zp is easier to develop geniality, having convinced that it in a modern civilization unlike the wild nature - is favorable.
zpv to Arrival of geniality is promoted by studying of psychology.
pr Geniality without knowledge of psychology - the orphan.
zpv Warm, having studied psychology, begins to treat behavior of others with understanding.
zpvr Geniality and knowledge of psychology - do communication with people quiet, correct, medical.
zp a geniality Support - unselfishness.
zp Geniality is warmed up by self-sacrifice.
zp In geniality development - is very important tolerance.
zp to Development of geniality is promoted by compassion that human life is heavy.
zp to Formation of geniality is promoted by art.
zdp Geniality is promoted by patriotism.
zdp the Person does not strive for geniality - because it is not capable to comprehend need and advantage of it.
d significantly influence the attitude towards people mass media and the Internet.
to Geniality without justice - does not happen.
z Geniality is more often conscious, but some were lucky, and they got it at the birth.
and the Bigger respect is deserved by geniality through effort of will. p Imparting
to people, geniality - we thereby provide permanently good attitude and to ourselves.
zp True geniality to relatives can come only through favor to all mankind.
to the Person as a vessel - first of all has to be pure from within.
and Geniality, being radiated through eyes - does them amazingly fine.
zd Geniality - a wellbeing basis.
zp At the warm-hearted person appear only good thoughts.
zd Geniality - disciplines. zdp it is easier for
to begin to cultivate Geniality from love to the nature.
zd Lyubov to the nature amplifies accurate understanding of that is that we its integral part.
zd the Admiring the nature - strengthens love to it.
zd Understanding that all weather manifestations are in own way fine and necessary of the fact that we always wish opposite manifestation and that we cannot change anything, and being only indignant, we ruin the health - strengthens our love to the nature.
of a zda prevents to Love the nature and people what the person of considers as world epicenter, it seems to it that everything spins around it and has to serve it. Actually it came to this world for an instant.
zdp the Quite good soil for education of geniality is instilling of love to animals.
p Should not forbid children, to get animals.
p Should find time for games with animals and especially their cubs.
z Lyubov to animals amplifies understanding that animals are unfortunate as are pulled out roughly from the nature, are smothered with caresses in improper conditions for their existence and for the same reason in any ill effects are not guilty.
zpv Good help in instilling of geniality is understanding that much of what we from people wait for - they are not obliged to do
. zpv awareness of benefit as in such situation from - for reduction of rage, hatred, envy, fear health remains better Helps to impart geniality, and life becomes happier. zi Bad people good - do not love
, good bad - love.
p All people should be loved equally - as it is done by the Lord.
and Geniality - does the person beautiful.
and Taking into account heredity, education, conditions unfairly people even if they very different - to love not equally.
and Can cause geniality through pity - all people are in own way unfortunate.
to Geniality - the best means from sensitivity.
to Cannot love people - without serving of
to Geniality - demands service to people, hatred - himself. zd Geniality as the truth - can not bring to
instant benefit, but it provides the future.
zdp Geniality develops ability to endow.
zdp Geniality promotes love for the country.
and Geniality - a hominifying.
pz Geniality - a shelter from defects.
pkv Geniality - is more important than knowledge.
z With growth of spirituality of people begins to love stronger people and it is better to understand them.
p Geniality is first of all acts, but not words.
p to Manifestation of geniality is promoted by kindness.
zdp Good assistants in geniality education - conscience and shame.
and Geniality directs energy of the person in the right direction, keeping him from wild and low acts.
kp Without geniality - life is empty.
p All people live on one earth, they are connected among themselves. If everyone loves only himself - the mankind will disappear.
pv Geniality - is higher than learning.
zd Geniality - excludes commission of bad intelligent acts.
p Silly liking itself not to love people - they are similar to you.
and Lyubov to itself first of all has to be born through geniality, from - for the fact that you are a person too.
p Is better if the person at first falls in love with people, and then himself - and not vice versa.
p the Person has no right for love to himself - without having fallen in love with people and the world in general.
z Geniality promotes restraint of jealousy.
pz Through geniality - the shortest road fortunately.
pzvl the Law, force, condemnation of people, and even conscience, shame and fear - will not provide good relations between people, it in power - only to geniality.
zpv Mind and force without geniality - are dangerous.
pz Generosity of the person amplifies not with increase in material resources - and with geniality growth.
zdp Geniality - the best remedy for envy. there is no
zdp Without geniality - culture.
and Liouba can love that - who loves it.
and is easy to love those - who does not do you the evil.
kpv True geniality - love to all.
zr the Nature which only reproduction concerns, does not know what is geniality - than the person is more capable and valuable to reproduction - that it stronger it from it takes away.
zpv Instilling of geniality does unnecessary education of a set of merits, - which of it are born.
to Geniality - comes back.
to Geniality - fills life with sense.
zp That an old age was not oppressively empty - geniality is especially necessary.
and Geniality - lifts authority and respect. there is no
to geniality - without forgiveness.
zdp the Good attitude of children to parents the easiest to achieve through education geniality from them.
to Not warm - is far from the real happiness.
and Warm love sufferings transfer more softly.
pv geniality Instilling - the main thing in education.
zd True geniality does not abandon the person even in hard times.
pv Geniality is a niskhozhdeniye, and a duty of each person living in society.
and Geniality provides with themselves justice.
pz Geniality - one of the main qualities without which the person cannot take place as the personality, to reach due position in society and to be dear. p find
similarity to close dear people In each person.
p should Love all.
pz True geniality is not possible without respect.
and Geniality - cannot but come to the person with wisdom.
p is no permissible to love the person stronger, than connected force which created us with the world and continues to conduct on life.
p the Person has to strives for geniality, at least for the sake of itself.
kvp is favorable to Love people and the whole world, to hate - harmfully and dangerously.
pzd to Love people - means to give.
and Geniality - transfer of love to on others.
and Lyubov to - instilling of skills of love.
to Geniality and good - go nearby.
and On the present are warm not those who wish to receive something in replacements - and those which differently cannot.
p to Love people, does not mean - to trust of
and It is impossible to achieve that all loved you - but you can fall in love with all.
p can fall in love with People through love for God.
and Is big the one who loves not only good people - but also nasty.
and That on the present to fall in love with people them should learn, understand that they are not guilty of anything, having forgiven them in everything beforehand.
and Behaviour of the person is dictated by the nature. But it does not mean that it is not necessary to work on improvement of the qualities, to influence positively others, and those who do not give in to education and are dangerous to society, to isolate.
zdp Having fallen in love with people, we begin to understand them, to forgive, respect, feel pity for their failures, we have a desire to help them.
and Geniality - the shortest road to understanding.
zd Geniality happens hereditary.
zd Hereditary geniality can, is shown unconsciously.
zd Great respect is caused by the geniality caused by effort of will.
zdpvk Geniality of the practician - but not the theory.
and Warm cannot be offended - he beforehand
forgave all to all.
in the True geniality - not ostentatious.
p True geniality works carelessly.
and seems to Everyone that in its situation it is the most difficult to be warm, but it is very easy - in position of others.
p If the person listened to a sound of bells more, and
not of coins - geniality would triumph.
d Geniality can reach bigger - than force. many perceive
and Geniality as humility, fear, servility, a worship, dependence … p Geniality to himself the coward rascal can apprehend
as weakness,
it can give it only courage.
zdp Is better if geniality is shown against power, fearlessness, knowledge of psychology, but not weakness and fear.
and Geniality works for improvement and rescue of the future, hatred - deterioration and death.
zdpv the Soul does not suffer emptiness - if there is no geniality, the evil will inevitably get there.
yu Women of warm-hearted men - take for boyfriends. yu Some are warm-hearted
- and can do nothing with themselves.
yu Is small a geniality merit - at a breakdown.
yu Geniality - the most unwarranted work in payment.
yu The easiest to be warm to they be whom do not know.

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