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How many officially there is beautiful number?

Within discussion of subject of beautiful phone numbers, we will concern an assessment of their official cost and the analysis of the prices during some period of time. A few years ago, as service, telecom operators began to offer selection of number at the request of the client, at the same time having established certain criteria. Such step is how justified and whether conditions of the companies are fair? as

the Pioneer in the field of sales of beautiful numbers the MegaFon company acted. After carrying out a number of advertizing campaigns there was a simple opportunity to book the room on the Internet - the shop posted on the main website of mobile network operator or to pick up the necessary figures through the manager at any office providing their services.

For the prevention of speculative intentions of staff of the company and for the purpose of control of the market of beautiful numbers the scale of charges differentiating cost ranges was entered. Mainly divided city and federal numbers, then in each group entered categories, namely: simple, bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Criteria of groups differentiated by the number of figures: than it is less various and than is more often same repeats in a set, it is more expensive to those.

You will get simple number free of charge, bronze for 1500 rub, silver for 5000 rub, gold platinum at all in 25000 Russian money, and all this in a federal code will cost already 15000 rub, and! If you want city, then idle time - it is free, bronze costs 10000 rub, silver will be given for 25000 rub, other categories so far in shop are not presented!

In Beeline selection of beautiful number is constructed more difficult, at least, on the official site and in sales offices. In an electronic order you are offered to enter the, already available phone number, and then that which you wish. And after selection the offered options can only be replaced on specified initially or free of charge, or with surcharge which, in turn, will depend on its category.

There are difficulties as the accurate, available client does not have classification, and the computer on some to one to him to the known algorithm itself will choose for you that it considers it necessary.

For bigger understanding of this moment we will consider the term “masks“, that is the schemes of a type of number suitable to this or that price category. So, for example, the most expensive numbers belong to a ÀÀÀÀÀÀÀ mask where And - the same figure. Much less expensive: AAAAAAB, AAABBBB, ABBBBBA, AAAAABB, AABBBBB. After them go: AAABBCC, A00BBBB, A00BBCC, AABBBCC, ABBBCCC, ABBBBBC. As you guessed, And, In and With - ralichayushchiyesya figures, and 0 - zero. Let`s call these three subgroups consistently Infiniti, a premium and Luxury though these names are conditional as one cellular company officially has no similar concrete, settled classification.

In general, “bee“ rooms upon purchase at office will cost dearer. For example, for four figures in a row there will ask from 15000 rub, and it is not important how they are located (that so: (903) 2155550 that: (905) 5555100, and even: (909) 9005555!) . On the website to choose a worthy combination, it is necessary to have initially the analog which is specified before selection, differently the robot in general will offer nothing and at beautiful analog in practice to improve it hardly it will turn out.

In Megafon similarity of the first number from an example can be grasped as silver by 5000 rub, the second as gold will cost 15000 rublik, and the third as platinum will rise to 25000 rub! “Well, and why is more expensive?“ - the attentive reader will ask. Because such as the second and third, from the manager “it is yellow - black“ do not wait, their base of number capacity is not so public as at the competitor, and they will offer only the first option, and that for 15000 rub! Masks like Infiniti, a premium and Luxury happen on official sale of Megafon extremely seldom, however there is an opportunity to buy them for only 25000 rubles, Beeline just has no such option.

Good beekeepers options concentrated generally at dealers, that is the offices which are carrying out development of a client network of the company at the expense of advertizing campaigns and new tariff plans. So, they will offer the first number from given only from 1 to 2,5 thousand rubles, but along with connection, say, to an unlimited tariff plan. This approach gained development three years ago, and entered an active phase a bit later when the operator relied on advance of a series of tariffs XL and XXL.

With beautiful numbers of MTS it is even more difficult. It was allowed to find a pleasant combination of figures only to the companies signing large contracts or that at whom, as speak “acquaintances in MTS“. From - for it their prices at retail were the highest. So, for four - five figures in a row could ask from 20000 to 50000 rub moreover with a tariff unprofitable to the client. The situation changed with introduction to the operating code 919 network, and at the moment the mass of “semi-official“ dealers offers masks a premium from 8 to 75 thousand, having completely brought down a cost framework on numbers of “white egg“. Other offers with rare exception are not now more expensive than 3000 rubles.

The Sky Link company divided number capacity into own categories similar with described, and posts them lists directly on the website. In a federal code: simple - for nothing, silver - 500 rub, gold - 1000 rub, platinum - 5000 rub. In a city format: silver - 1500 rub, gold - 3000 rub, platinum - 25000 rub, is still varinta the VIP for 150000 rub and exclusive on 300000. Objectively comparing their offers to competitors and not taking in attention a specific format of communication, one may say, that in the market of beautiful numbers the operator Sky Link offers the most reasonable prices!

In this article official proposals of primary market from the largest telecom operators were considered. Further, I think, it is worth sorting in more detail the secondary market and offers from any dealers, are a lot more interesting there!