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The truth about God and Religion of

What is understood as God? Why at mankind there are a lot of religions? What truth about God?

Part one. What is understood as God?

the Different people gave to the concept “God“ different interpretation, from here and the saying went: each people have god. For one concept “God“ - it just concept of the highest reality, a pervobytiya and bases of all other; for others is a concept of the most perfect being. Is also such who will tell: to be God - means to be the only thing worthy worship by a being; so the analysis of the concept “God“ would demand from us to establish with full clarity and what is it - “to be worthy worship“.

On the other hand, someone can think that the concept “God“ is just concept of that being whatever it was which in someone`s favourite sacred text was presented to roles of the Supreme lord of all real. When the word “God“ is used as a name, it serves as the simple instruction on the specific personality and says nothing about what is represented by this personality. To be God - means to be this personality and no more than that and to find out what she that it represents, we will need to acquire the information about this specific personality. And on the contrary if when the word “God“ is used as a rank, we can learn a lot of things about what is God, through the simple analysis of our idea of those functions which contact the term “God“.

The religion exists long ago, as long as there is a mankind. Peculiar religions existed in the ancient world at Babylonians, Egyptians, Jews, Greeks, Romans, and other people. By definition, the religion is a special party of an inner world which main sign - belief in supernatural forces and beings. Yes well it, this definition! I will open for you that the religion begins where the common sense comes to an end. Therefore the religious belief is permanently connected with worship of shrines, deities, service by it by means of special, beliefs of the established sacral actions - rituals.

The religious belief and rituals make organic unity without which there cannot be a religion. The beliefs specific to each religion are their spiritual center. All the rest in them - implementation of this spiritual, ideal beginning. The polytheism, polytheism, but some, especially developed religions is characteristic of the majority of beliefs, distinguishes monotheism. God in them acts as Supreme, over the world the towering being, the creator and the manager of the universe. Any religion considers itself as the only original, and all others - an invention. But as she is not able to explain something neither in Creation bases, nor in a structure the universe and in human nature, it appears at the deadlock also as well as her sisters, other religions.

Part second. Why at mankind there are a lot of religions?

Why at mankind it is a lot of religions? Yes because the religion is an ideal means of submission of human masses and management of them. And as all people different, have different mentality, language, properties, and religions at them respectively different. Well as still it is possible to operate people how to pit with each other the whole people if, without having united them in herds, obedient to the invented ideals and the principles of their shepherds? So shepherds, being at war with each other, others hands run the partition of territories, are enriched and again promise everyone to the herd the world and prosperity in this life, and eternal pleasure and rest in afterlife.

And why is also not present? All the same nobody will be able to disprove it. And here at whom how many there will be enough imagination, paint the paradise world and so, as Hollywood will envy. And if life at people heavy and nasty, so though after death let at them everything is nice! It would seem, each lamb could and ask: and why to me actually to suffer in this life, at once I will kick off and I will enjoy in paradise! Yes not here - that was, if she so leaves, having kicked off without the shepherd`s consent, and will lose paradise life. And if begins to ask questions about the universe and justice, so other lambs will teach her quickly some good sense! Here also our lamb is forced to suffer and suffer, bearing burden of slavery on the neck, implicitly executing will of the shepherd.

Till what time? Yes will not kick the bucket, itself or by order of the shepherd so far, consecrating supposedly a name of God. Well, it so is necessary means, all of us are mortal a pier, one day earlier, one day later … Yes what difference?

Part third. What truth about God?

dealt With religion. What truth about God? Stop!. Forget about religion, about all concepts what you ever heard about God, clear the reason and heart of all stereotypes and definitions, sit down more conveniently and be going to hear something that you did not expect!... Are ready?. Then went.

There is no God as the highest all-powerful omnipotent perfect being, and cannot be, he does not exist! Any concept of God means not the Creator, and creation or a being. Why? The Universe, as well as at any Creation, has a Creator. Our Universe, all Universe lives and submits to various laws, and first of all laws of space and time. His Creator - out of space and time as and created them means, that is He is transcendental.

Everything in our Universe is constructed on energy, here it is possible to speak not only about a material aspect of the Universe, but also about its spiritual party, and in our understanding it does not have a limit. Means, her Creator is infinite. And its infinity multilevel which is also infinite. What means infinity? The infinity means absolute incomprehensibility and an inaccessibility. And now attention!!! As soon as we enter concept of God, we begin to formulate this concept, that is we put boundless borders, we do infinite final. Here also we receive creation or a being instead of the Creator.

We cannot comprehend or even to define infinite, boundless, eternal, and it is even senseless to discuss it! Now expression will become better clear: each people have god, and it is possible and to add: each person has god, and all people have them different. But the problem is that they are not gods, and characters, either beings, or creation, or fruits of human imagination. Everything told truly and for the material Universe, and for the spiritual Universe, and for infinite number of the Universes of other levels. For this reason we deal not with God, and with his manifestations.

Speaking: God Veliky, it must be kept in mind manifestation of its greatness, speaking: God Strashny, it must be kept in mind manifestation of his anger, speaking: The God of Bounties, it must be kept in mind manifestation of his mercy and so on. Thus we can establish five facts about God: existence God, his pervoprichinnost , its eternity , its infinity , its incomprehensibility .