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How kidnap the bride in the Caucasus? Wedding traditions of

Theft of the bride in the Caucasus - one of ways of creation of a family which does not lose the popularity and today. On YouTube it is possible to see hundreds of fresh clips at any time how the Caucasian guys kidnap girls. But what you will not see there, so it what occurs with stolen further and what all this comes to an end with.

They say that steal brides in the Caucasus.
I for theft of brides do not arrest.

(From the Caucasian song)

As stealing

comes Many for certain know that the custom of kidnapping of the girl for the purpose of creation of a family with it was widespread not only in the Caucasus. Both Slavs, and the people of Central Asia, and Tatars were engaged in theft of brides. And if to trust Wikipedia, the first mentions of this custom can be met even in the Bible.

However this most ancient custom acts on the Caucasus still. And even in days of the Soviet power when for it it was possible for 2 years (or less) to be deprived of freedom, Caucasians continued to bring the bride into the house, having kidnapped her.

Everything begins with the fact that the guy has a desire to establish a family with a certain girl. But for various reasons to celebrate a wedding as it is accepted in the Caucasus, it is not possible. And then the guy decides to kidnap the darling.

So, the decision is made. After that future thief discusses the action plan with the friends. And know about planned only the closest.

In the appointed day friends get into the car and go to “business“. Custom on that and custom that remains almost in original state: if earlier the groom kidnapped the girl, having saddled a horse, then today he goes for the bride on a horse too, but already iron.

The darling of the Dzhigit, without suspecting anything, comes back home from school (most often), from work, etc. Directly on the street (brides abduct, generally in the villages of the Caucasus, and the small street very narrow there) it is approached by the car, from it two mountaineers jump out (or one) and by force push the girl in the car.

Here it is necessary to make retreat and to note that the bride not always is as nothing the suspecting victim. In certain cases theft happens by previous concert lovers each other of the guy and the girl. But process of theft takes place also.

So, the girl is stolen. It is carried or to the house of the groom (if parents of the groom were informed on theft), or to some in advance found room. What everything comes to an end with

After the girl spends night in possession of the thief irrespective of, there was between them an intimate relationship or not, she becomes a wife stolen. Relatives of the bride should agree to it as the girl is considered dishonored. And for Caucasians, as we know, honor of a family (a sort, a tukhum) - on the first place. There are formalities: the girl writes the application to the police that married in a consent. And everything comes to an end with a wedding.

But not always such stories come to the end with “happy end“ (though the happy final makes 80% of all cases). Sometimes kidnapping of the bride becomes the beginning of long hostility between the whole childbirth which is followed by bloodshed.

Frequent and such consequence of a marriage with kidnapping of the bride, as coldness or even hatred of the wife to the husband who stole it. Present what it to live with hated to you the person. For certain and the man it will be not pleasant.

At last, one more frequent final of such stories: the man who achieved the through some time grows cold to the wife and deserts a family. Of course, it is anyway unpleasant, but if the woman also left - that in marriage against the will, awfully doubly.

Here according to such scenario there is also a theft of the bride in the Caucasus. Yes, one more important point. The guys taking part in it very often shoot all process of stealing with the mobile phone. Still, how not to imprint such feat! All right still would store this video in the private collection, so not...

Well and finally I will note that theft of brides in the Caucasus is not perceived by the majority as joyfully any more as earlier. Thieves are pursued under the law though in practice most often everything comes to an end with the peace agreement.