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Eternal fight against excess weight. How in New year to keep the desired sizes?

spent the Whole week about New year on a diet? Dumped three kilograms? Got into a favourite dress, and on January 1 it burst? Familiarly …

Before New year it is always a lot of affairs. New Year`s efforts - pleasant efforts which add to us festive mood. None of us would like to face problems and surprises.

I pay attention that Russians began to approach more reasonably the organization of New year - the main holiday, for the majority of us - a holiday of the childhood, Russian salad salad, tangerines and a fir-tree. But still there were many people who are buying up everything.

When I think of New Year`s vacation, involuntarily I represent a variety of dishes on holiday tables. In two weeks prior to a holiday, in shops, counters burst with abundance of products. And many fill the carts, even without thinking that it can be it not necessary.

Before a visit of shop make the detailed menu, write down all dishes which you want to put on a table. One my acquaintance taught me to cunning: we draw a table on paper, we place plates, on plates we write names of dishes or products and we do not forget that between salad bowls there has to be a distance.

Still we will return to salads, and now - a visit of shop. In shop we adhere to the list. We buy products, paying attention to date of production, packing, appearance of a product and its structure. On the packaged production there have to be three dates: production, packaging and termination of an expiration date. Canned food has to be in equal jars, do not take banks with dents. Large shops before New Year`s holidays sell the stale goods long ago.

I understand that cooking takes away a lot of time, many hostesses so with enthusiasm prepare on December 31 that they forget to eat during the day. Remember that correct mode will not allow you to gain excess weight on New Year`s Eve. Take care of that you had a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner, then at midnight you will not break and will not eat too much.

If you invited guests, do not try to surprise them with a terrible table. Guests will estimate your culinary works if you give qualitatively prepared dishes which are thought over to trifles on a table. Surprises me when on a table there are a mashed potatoes and five types of salad: “Russian salad“, herring under a fur coat, vegetable cake, “Mimosa“, “Mushketersky“ - in them is potato too. Involuntarily there is a question: you love potato or want to overfeed us?!

The New Year`s table has to consist of dishes which not only will be pleasing to the eye, but also to surprise you with the novelty and singularity, indulge yourself with what saved within a year on.

You cannot without salads? No problem! Clean potato from Herring under a Fur Coat salad, “Mimosa“ will easily do without potato too, taste of salads will only benefit from it. It is easy to replace mayonnaise with smetanny sauce.

Red caviar sandwiches or sprats … When guests ask bread from me, I always say that I forgot it to buy. Forget to buy bread! If you want to indulge yourself with red caviar, buy tartlets, only not from shortcake dough, and from puff.

A garnish - not obligatory attribute of a holiday table, rather daily. Prepare more snack from vegetables and greens. Small germs of corn will beautifully look near the baked meat piece. And here the meat bedaubed with mashed potatoes will look not really beautifully and is definitely not original!

It is desirable to refuse a dessert. It is the best of all to leave it for breakfast, to begin the first day of New year with sweet … To feel in chocolate! And it is the on New Year`s Eve best of all to try fruit, dried fruits or to make to itself exotic kissel, for example, citrus!

I congratulate you with coming New year! I wish to achieve desirable result in new year, that is to leave all extra kilos in the expiring year. Smile, rejoice, experiment, be happy, happy people go on life effortlessly and easily conquer peaks!