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How Nikolay Ostrovsky`s steel became tempered?

Now museum of local lore in the town of Boyarka that near Kiev, very few people visit, but thousands of tourists annually came to Soviet period in literaturno - the memorial museum of Nikolay Ostrovsky, the author of the well-known novel “As Steel Became Tempered“. In Ukraine there is not only this museum. The second is in the settlement of Neris of the Rovno area where the writer was born, and in Shepetovke where he lived some time.

Now life and Nikolay Ostrovsky`s creativity remembers only the senior generation which was brought up on the legendary hero - Pavke Korchagin. At young age at Ostrovsky the congenital illness of Bekhterev which led to full paralysis and a blindness began to develop. Being confined to the bed, he could dictate to the assistants the novel which they published and sent to publishing house. The big role was played by Anna Karavayeva who translated Ukrainian - Russian surzhik the writer into Russian and made big editorial work. It was necessary to cut down many wrong pieces of the text and to add the. In the beginning the publishing house did not want to print the novel about Pavke Korchagin, pointing to unreality of heroes. But all - the book was published and subsequently was several times republished by million circulations. During lifetime of the author the novel was published by several tens times.

The Soviet power quickly adopted the novel for education of the Soviet youth. As promotion claimed, events from life of the writer, for example, his participation in construction of a narrow-gage railway in 1921 were put in a basis of the novel written in style of a socialist realism to provide transportation of firewood to the freezing Kiev. Long time it was not subject to doubt, but only in the years of reorganization began to open archival documents. Really, Ostrovsky participated in creation of communism, but Pavki Korchagin`s image - all - fictional. In the interview several months prior to death the writer said that he tried to prove in the beginning that the book - not autobiographical, he only described some people whom met in the life, but everything was vain.

Based on the novel several movies were shot. In 1942 Mark Donskoy shot a feature film “As Steel Became Tempered“ which main goal was to inspire the people on a victory. The actor V. Perist - Petrenko who played a leading role died at the front. The movie “Pavel Korchagin“ with Vasily Lanov in a leading role was shot in 1956, one more movie, with Vladimir Konkin, was published in 1973.

In the territory of the museum in Boyarke there is a monument to the writer and his literary hero Pavke Korchagin, the memorable sign “Boyarka - BAM“ and the Cuckoo engine. It appears, many tourists from China visit this museum. It would seem from where such interest? In 1999 on the Kiev film studio of Dovzhenko Chinese removed 20 - serial series “As Steel Became Tempered“, and heroes were played by the Ukrainian actors. The movie became very popular in Celestial Empire, in 2000 it was recognized by the best series of year therefore many admirers want to see the museum of the writer. Interest of Chinese in Ostrovsky did not decrease after disintegration of the Soviet Union. There was only other understanding: now the great interest is shown to the identity of the writer and the new facts which open in recent years.

Not only Chinese, but also many Russians are interested in real events: all museums opened in the Soviet Union work still. Now it is possible to find a lot of new information in the periodical press. Some historians prove that in 1921 there was no construction of a narrow-gage railway, only logging were carried out. Others say that future writer in a prosperous family was born, in the years of civil war at the front was almost not at war, generally worked, long time had typhus, for absence at meetings it even excluded them Komsomol.

For the last twenty years it was not written to any scientific biography of Nikolay Ostrovsky. His personality and creativity still wait for the researcher. But we can remember the main words of the novel “As Steel Became Tempered“: “The most expensive at the person is life. It is given it once, and it is necessary to live it so that was not excruciatingly painful for aimlessly lived years … Also it is necessary to hurry to live“.