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Blockage and sink. What to do?

the Person who constructed the sewerage should put a monument. Otherwise, would run with a garbage can on a backyard, as in old times. And now, pressed the button of a toilet bowl and the used water with waste products with a joyful turbulence disappears in a pipe. However sometimes it happens that it does not occur and then it is necessary to call the plumber. How to us in the city apartment without serviceable toilet bowl? But it is possible to cope with this problem and by own efforts.

But at first we will give a little theory with which each housewife does not need to get acquainted. She, of course, knows where at it in the apartment sewerage pipes begin. It is a sink in kitchen, a toilet bowl in a toilet and other bathroom equipment in a bathroom. And here where the pipes which are taking away the used water go further, it, frankly speaking, interests it a little.

Here, for example, a sink in kitchen. Trouble for the hostess if there is a blockage. Discharge design under a sink simple. Water in the sewerage from a sink merges through a siphon. It is such curved corrugated hose or a thickening in the form of a bottle which is necessary for us to prevent an exit of an unpleasant smell from a sewer pipe to the apartment. Here in these devices most often the blockages interfering normal passing of water are also formed.

Of course, the plumber will eliminate a similar blockage in five minutes. But it is necessary to wait for the expert of sewer sciences sometimes the whole day. And it is necessary to pay. Now plumbers on any kind of works have the tariff. And why not to solve this problem most?

How independently to clean the arisen blockage? Generally, there are three main ways of fight against household blockages. It is a clearing an elevated pressure of water, chemical processing and a mechanical way. Here also let`s try one after another these three methods on the littered sink.

In the first case we need the device with the sonorous name the plunger. Probably, it is known to each housewife - such round rubber sucker on the wooden handle. That the plunger to clean a blockage in a pipe under a sink, it is necessary to work as follows. At first we fill a water sink, we put a sucker to discharge and it is sharply pressed the handle. Then, also sharply, we pull it back. We do such simple procedure several times. The excessive pressure of water created by this movement and the subsequent its discharge allows to destroy the formed blockage.

In shops of bathroom equipment it is possible to buy the advanced plunger. It works by the principle of the pump or syringe. At first it is necessary to gather water in its case, putting forward the piston. Then to put its rubber sucker to discharge and to sharply press the handle.

It appears for a blockage clearing in a pipe it is possible to use the vacuum cleaner. Well - get it from mezzanines. The main thing, do not forget to switch this useful device on having blown.

Nearly forgot to mention to achieve positive result of a clearing, it is necessary to stop up with something all additional, reported with discharge, openings. Especially it is actual when cleaning blockages in a bathroom.

Some hostesses prefer to clean blockages in pipes by means of chemical processing. Here, it seems, absolutely everything is simple - poured in the means bought in shop of household chemicals in a hole and wait when everything is cleared there.

The principle of action of this way is based on decomposition of fatty deposits which narrow pass of water in pipes. As an example we will remember the known means for a clearing of pipes under the name “Mole“, characteristic of it. However, at a pipe contamination a splinter of some subject, a piece of plastic or a cellophane film, this method does not work. Besides, some plumbers complain that “Mole“ and similar to him means can corrode rubber laying which there is a lot of in siphons.

And what to do if everything that you did with the help of the plunger and chemistry, did not yield positive result? There is a mechanical way of a clearing. It can be broken into two options - one idle time, another not really. The first is when the siphon under a sink can be sorted for a clearing. So, we sort, we throw out all collected muck, we wash out and we collect back. Be especially attentive with the mentioned rubber laying, otherwise connections will not be tight.

If the blockage was formed in a bathroom, a shower cabin or in a toilet bowl, then the sanitary cable will help to clean it independently. It can be bought in department of bathroom equipment too. It is not a simple roll of a rusty steel wire, but the accurate device with the handle, as at mechanical meat grinders. Read the instruction for use.

Drains in a bathroom get littered quite often. To enough several long hairs to get confused in discharge as gradually whole “beard“ will begin to be formed there. Usually you will not see it, and it is possible to pull out a self-made piece of a copper wire with a hook on the end.

P. S. “DO NOT THROW the USED PAPER IN the TOILET BOWL - IT LEADS TO BLOCKAGES“ - an inscription in a public toilet.