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How prepare fish dishes in the different countries?

All know that fish is extremely useful to a human body. Its meat not only possesses high nutritional value, but also contains vitamin D, fatty acids and a number of minerals, such as fluorine, selenium, iodine, calcium and magnesium. Therefore fish eat everywhere, regardless of a nationality, skin color and religious accessory.

At the same time recipes of preparation of fish dishes in the different countries can significantly differ. Let`s make the small review, at least across Europe.


the Country this sea, fishes on a table at Portuguese has to be much. It`s true. But that is interesting, eat here, generally a cod which at coast of Portugal is not found. Several centuries bring this fish who is caught in the North Sea to the country in susheno - a salty look that on the way did not deteriorate. Then carcasses for days soak in water, is regular it replacing, and then fry, bake, extinguish or cook hard-boiled egg, onions and boiled potato salad. It is such recipe of preparation of a fish dish in Portugal which is called to a bakalya . Fish salad refuels olive oil, however, according to tourists, fish in this dish quite rigid, and it is tasteless. Sweden We will not tell


about traditional recipes of preparation of fish dishes here. They, of course, are available. Let`s concern only the most exotic.

Here, for example, a sprat in sakharno - a salt brine. Officially it call a syurstremming , and informally “rotten herring“. Actually it fermented and just began to ferment in hydrochloric solution. Taste at this fish dish excellent - gentle and spicy. Only with a smell absolutely badly - the small fish who is taken out from a can, frankly speaking, smells slightly of rotten stuff.

By the way, a can with it it is necessary also it is correct to open. It is usually strongly inflated and not to splash with a brine, this canned food opens in a pan or a basin with water. Then carcasses of a sprat rinse, stack on the black bread smeared with oil, from above put couple of circles of boiled potatoes and a ring of onions. It is necessary to wash down this fish sandwich with schnapps, beer or, strangely enough for us, milk.


As can make for

fish soup - the recipe, apparently, is quite simple. Outline in a pan of a fish trifle, cook broth, filter, add some fillet of more valuable fish …

A here in Marseille it is done a little differently. Bouillabaisse is a fish soup which was thought up long ago by poor French fishermen. Now its recipe as a national delicacy removed to the menu of many expensive restaurants. In preparation of this fish dish there are many cunnings. That soup developed a juicy and sharp taste, add many different spices and tomato paste to it. As for the main ingredient - fishes, one cooks accept a set of 4 - 5 types, and it is required to others not less than eight. However this fish dish does not do without sea eel, the angler and a sea rooster in any way.


of Options of preparation to a gefilta Phish - this traditional fish dish of Israelis, as much, how many economic Jewish women. They turn fish into forcemeat, mix with the bread soaked in milk add to it eggs and onions, mold quenelles, fill in them with broth, extinguish with beet or carrots, then cool.

However this fish dish of traditional Judaic cuisine is better known to us in the form of the integral stuffed carcass. For preparation to a gefilta Phish the pike and a carp are considered as the best fish.