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What is archival processing of documents and for what it is necessary to the organization.

Archival processing of documents (an archiving, archiving) - the actions directed to streamlining, systematization of documents of the organization.

All affairs and documents have to be stored in archive of the company during a certain term which is provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation. For example, for accounting documents it makes five and more years. And documents of a human resources department have to be stored before the termination of activity of the enterprise.

Further on a subject:

According to the current legislation the legal entity who is the owner of documents has to ensure their safety and provide the information about them in the Public archival service.

The head of the company bears full responsibility (including criminal) for in what state there are archives and as archival works are carried out. But whether it is worth trusting this work to the employees who do not have experience of professional archival activity? Especially as it is always possible to use services of the professional company, one of the main kinds of activity of which is archival processing of documents.

Professional archiving of documents gives the chance to solve a number of problems which are connected with safety of very important documents, the organization of archival work, drawing up the list of documents and other works.

First of all, archival works represent streamlining of documents and preparation of their transfer to extra office storage.

Archiving of documents represents quite difficult process, requires close attention and existence of special knowledge. Archival works have to be performed by employees who passed special training in this area.

Archival processing of documents is the main previous stage before scanning and input of documents. Professional workers in the shortest possible time will bring order among documents and will prepare them for further works including to extra office storage.

What advantages will be got by the company which will use services of the professional organization?

First of all, they with guarantee will receive archive in which ideal order will be brought to office-work. The huge number of time and forces which need to be spent for search of the necessary information will be saved. In addition, the empty seat at office will be made, and important documents will be reliably kept.

Archival works will allow to bring ideal order to the stored documentation. Inventories of all documents will be made, full classification is carried out them that will give the chance subsequently to carry out fast and convenient search and to simplify document flow.

Archival processing of documents allows to find and get rid of documents whose period of storage expired that considerably simplifies work with the remained documents.

Archiving of documents allows to be prepared effectively for any checks (auditor, tax etc.), and at loss of data in due time to take measures to their restoration that will give the chance to avoid sanctions from supervisory authorities.

And, at last, especially fixed account being of the increased value of the documents concerning personnel structure of the organization that will exclude a possibility of their loss as a result of change of shots including among the leading personnel is provided.