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How to prepare the act on destruction of the documents

Procedure of Registration of the Act for Destruction of Documents includes check of obligatory operations. Carry to them:

- inclusion in this act a separate position (popozitsionno) each document prepared for destruction, business or volume which is traditionally on a bumagonositel or other carriers, for example, of magnetic
- entering into the act of total record with putting down of the signature of the employees participating in drawing up this act
- check on the existence and completeness of documentation which is in structure of the act
- check of coordination of the act of destruction of documentation with officials of this enterprise (the organization, firm), and also existence of signatures of members of a commission of experts and the approval by the first director (the organizations, firms).

Procedure according to which there is a destruction of documents under the act consists from:

- checks on existence of the documents, volumes, affairs, disks, diskettes and similar carriers entered in the act, the commission which is specially appointed for these purposes (completeness and compliance to records of the act is checked)
- physical liquidation of documentation by members of the commission in the form of paper, magnetic and other data carriers to entering of records into registration forms (data carriers, documents) and into the act of destruction with putting down of a list of each member of the commission
- the actual liquidation of documentation which period of storage came to the end happens right after inventories of affairs of long or continuous storage, according to the corresponding period of time are approved.

It is not allowed to bring in registration forms any marks about destruction, and also to sign the act before the actual utilization of confidential documents.

All documents having a paper basis are exposed to destruction by burning or crushing (shredirovaniye), it is possible to turn them into shapeless weight. Documentation on magnetic, photographic carriers, a video film is liquidated by means of fire (fusion, burning), and also any other ways leading to impossibility of their complete or partial recovery.

Drawing up the act of destruction of documentation at elimination spoiled technical or papers is not required. The statement is not drawn up also on destruction of draft copies, project documentation, lists of documents of an internal order (being at performers), and also other materials formed during an execution of documents, having confidential character.

Procedure of liquidation of documentation and data carriers in a case when the statement is not drawn up, includes the following items:

- crushing of paper documents by a breaking of sheets, final or partial fracture of other carriers of technical character, at the same time surely is present the performer or the second employee of service CD;
- accumulation and warehousing of the remains of the destroyed carriers in the sealed ballot box (a box, the container);
- physical elimination of the saved-up remains by several authorized employees with obligatory introduction of marks about elimination in registration forms of carriers and documents.
during the operations and procedures connected with destruction of papers and data carriers needs to observe rigid sequence and technology of destruction. All actions directed to destruction of documentation and data carriers have to be kollegialna.