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How to prepare documents for delivery in archive at liquidation of the organization

documents are stored In archives of the organizations during certain terms then they have to be transferred to the state storage to the state and municipal archives. The federal legislation defined deadlines of storage of the documents included in accordance with the established procedure in structure of Archival fund of the Russian Federation:

- documents on staff, records of notarial actions, economic books and the documents concerning privatization of housing stock - 75 years;
- project documentation on construction - 20 years;
- design, technological documentation - 20 years;
- patents for the invention - 20 years:
- scientific documentation - 15 years;
- film and documentary photographs - 5 years;
- video and documentary photographs - 3 years.
in case of liquidation of the organization, documents of constant period of storage, and also on staff are transferred to the state archive to storage. The non-state organizations which part of documents is carried to structure of Archival fund of the Russian Federation require the conclusion of the contract with Federal archival service. If the organization did not sign the contract with archive, then in this case the state archive is obliged to accept on storage only documents on staff of employees of the organization. The place of storage of the remained documents will be defined by the chairman of the liquidating commission.
In any organization within a year collects a certain number of cases. The part of them after an established period of storage should be handed over in archive. It the affairs consisting of documents constant, temporary (over 10 years) of storage, and also on staff. Such affairs are given in archive in a year after their termination in office-work. Only after affairs are completely issued them check in archive.
put Registration:
- check of correctness of group of documents in affairs;
- cover (filing);
- numbering of sheets in business;
- drawing up a leaf - the witness;
- drawing up in certain cases of the internal list of documents of business;
- specification of the name of the organization, a registration index, extreme dates of business, business heading;
- drawing up and registration of the inventory put.
of Business of temporary period of storage (till 10 years inclusive) are subject to partial registration, at the same time it is allowed:
- not to carry out systematization of documents in business;
- not to number sheets of business;
- not to make zaveritelny inscriptions;
- not to bind (not to stitch).
Check of correctness of archival processing of documents is carried out once again to be convinced of compliance of documents in business to heading according to the nomenclature, an arrangement of documents in business on certain principles: on cases in point; on chronology; on a geographical sign; alphabetically etc.
At full registration needs to hem or bind business. Previously from business all paper clips, etc. are removed. Behind the last document in business the leaf of the witness is put. At the beginning of business, if necessary, sheets for the internal inventory are put. On arkhivna to rules business should not exceed 250 sheets. If documents in business appeared more, then the these cases need to be divided into volumes.
Documents have to be bound in a firm cardboard cover. As in business documents of a different format are postponed, it is necessary to file them on 4 punctures. In some cases do a folding of documents before cover.
of Business of long period of storage should stitch business through, including both the top part of a cover, and lower. On the first leaf thin, cardboard laying (hinge) up to 1 cm wide is imposed, and through it business is stitched. As such business is supposed it is necessary to store 75 years, this filing protects threads from attrition and gives more esthetic look to business.
When filing it is necessary to watch that all text of documents could be read and did not come for the filed part of documents. Documents with period of storage can not be filed less than 10 years, and remain in a ring folder.
All sheets in affairs are numbered. Number sheets a black graphitic pencil in the right top corner only from the leaf face, without touching the text of the document. Use of ink and colored pencils is not allowed. The leaf of a bigger format, than A4, is filed for one edge, developed and numbered as one leaf. During creation of several volumes of one business each volume is numbered separately.
Results of numbering register in a leaf of the witness located at the end of the sewed business. In a leaf the number of the numbered sheets is specified in business and separately through the sign “+“ number of sheets of the internal inventory, the warranty or passed numbers by figures and a copy-book.
the Leaf of the witness is signed by the person which made it with the indication of a position, the personal signature, a surname and date of drawing up. It is impossible to make a zaveritelyiy inscription on a cover of business or the back of the last leaf.
In a case when business contains especially important documents: in personal records, cases of award of academic degrees and assignment of academic statuses, about issue of copyright certificates and patents, judicial and investigative affairs and some other cases internal inventories on documents of business are formed.
In the archival legislation is definition of the internal inventory: “The internal list of documents put - it is the registration document containing a list of documents of business with the indication of serial numbers of documents, their indexes, names, dates, numbers of sheets“. the Internal inventory is filed by
before documents at the beginning of business and contains the information about each of them. At the end of the internal inventory the number of the documents included in it and the number of sheets of the inventory is specified.
After documents are hemmed, numbered, is made a leaf of the witness and the internal list of documents put, registration of a cover of affairs is carried out.
Registration of a cover of affairs is carried out according to requirements of the archival legislation “Covers of affairs of long storage. Types, sizes, technical requirements“. At the time of an institution of business on the nomenclature put a number of data already it was taken out on a cover:
- the name of the organization and its subordination;
- the name of structural division;
- a business index;
- business heading;
- period of storage of business.
By preparation of business for delivery in archive these requisites are specified and supplemented:
- number of volume if several volumes deal;
- extreme dates put;
- the number of sheets in business;
- numbers of fund, the inventory and business on the inventory.
the Last requisite is put down in archive.
is Very important to observe requirements at registration of a cover. So, the name of the organization is written in the Nominative case. If the name changed within a year, then on a cover both names are provided, and the former name is bracketed, and new is written under it.
Heading of business is written on a cover at the beginning of a year from the nomenclature of affairs. After the analysis of contents of documents entering of some specifications into heading can be required. At emergence of such situation it is necessary to make addition to the nomenclature of affairs and on a cover to take out heading and an index according to this addition. At first in heading the type of business (business, correspondence, documents etc.) has to be specified or type of documents (protocols, orders, reports, acts). Then the author and the question reflecting contents of documents is specified further. Formation in one business of documents of several authors is possible if they treat one question. Authenticity of documents is not specified in headings, but if there is an existence of copies of documents, then surely makes a reservation. On a cover of business dates of the earliest and late documents and period of storage of business are without fail specified. On affairs with documents of continuous storage it is specified “to store constantly“, on others - concrete period of storage according to the list.
At the indication of number of sheets sheets of the internal inventory and zaveritelny record are not considered.
On all affairs of constant and long-term period of storage is formed the inventory. The inventory is the archival reference book containing the systematized list of units of storage and also intended for the account and systematization. The inventory serves as the main registration grant in office-work and archive. Inventories separately on affairs of continuous storage, business temporary (over 10 years) storages, affairs on staff are formed.
of Business settle down in the inventory on the importance. For example: charter of the enterprise, protocols of general shareholder meetings, protocols of meetings of the Board of Directors, orders of the director of primary activity, annual plans etc. Inventories on affairs are formed in each structural division employees of service of office-work.
the Inventory consists of annual sections. Annual sections are formed in the established form. Data on each business included in the inventory are called descriptive article. Enter it:

- serial number of business or volume according to the inventory;
- an index of business or volume;
- heading of business or volume;
- dates put or volumes;
- number of sheets in business or volume;
- periods of storage;
- the note.
Each matter in the inventory has independent serial number.
If business consists of several volumes, each volume has the number. Affairs in the inventory one after another the archive of the organization has and assigns numbers to the inventory of structural division.
By transfer to archive of affairs for several years them needs to be systematized. An order of systematization of affairs in the organization - chronologically - structural. It means that affairs systematize by years. And affairs systematize according to names of structural divisions in which they are stored. All affairs of constant period of storage in a year settle down on importance degree. Usually it corresponds to an order of an arrangement of structural divisions and headings of affairs in the nomenclature of affairs.
I is so got the harmonous list of all affairs of one period of storage in one year. For convenience of search of the name of structural division can be specified in the inventory before first of all relevant structural division.
In the organizations where the number of the cases which are formed in a year is small, inexpedient to make the new inventory every year. Preparation of one inventory including affairs for several years is possible.
In such organizations usually annually is formed the annual section of the inventory with the continuing numbering of affairs. Each of annual sections of the inventory begins with the indication of the corresponding year, and further affairs settle down according to the accepted structure.
Each inventory has the number. Usually the inventory on affairs of continuous storage has 1, on affairs with period of storage more than 10 years - No. 2, on affairs on staff - No. 3 with addition of the alphabetic index “l / with“.
Comes to an end the inventory with total record. Where the number of the affairs included in the inventory, the first and last file numbers according to the inventory is specified by figures and a copy-book, features of numbering (the warranty or passed numbers) make a reservation. The inventory has to be signed by the originator with the indication of his position and interpretation of a surname. Drawing up the inventory is dated.
Krom of inventories on affairs of constant period of storage, business temporary (over 10 years) period of storage the organization annually has to make inventories on affairs on staff. Documents on staff have special value - they are the basis for confirmation of the seniority, a post, period of operation in this organization and other facts of the labor relations. For prevention of loss of these documents the most part of documents on staff of the dismissed workers is given in archive and 75 years are stored.
the Number of copies of the inventory is defined by period of storage of affairs. The inventory on affairs of continuous storage is formed in four copies. One copy remains in the relevant structural division, the second copy of the inventory is transferred to service of preschool educational institution, the third to archive of the organization. The fourth copy goes to the state or municipal archive.
of the Organization, not handing over documents in the state archives, make the inventory on affairs of continuous storage, on affairs with period of storage of 10 and more years and on staff in triplicate.
On affairs of temporary period of storage of the inventory are not formed them the nomenclature of affairs where opposite to each heading the mark about period of storage is put down replaces.
during preparation of affairs for transfer to archive of the organization, the employee of archive is checked previously correctness of their formation, registration and compliance of number of the affairs included in the inventory of affairs, to the number of the cases opened according to the nomenclature of cases of the organization. Employees of structural division are obliged to eliminate all shortcomings of formation and registration of affairs revealed when checking. At detection of lack of affairs the corresponding reference is formed.