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How the abnormal behavior is transferred?

according to different editions wander Recently sensation which foundation was laid by article in the Argumenty I Fakty newspaper (No. 38 from 21. 09. 2005) “Schizophrenia - as cold. It is infectious“. In it the point of view of the psychiatrist, doctor of medical sciences Eteliya Kazants was stated.

“For the first time the psychiatrist Kazanets thought of an infectious origin of schizophrenia at the beginning of 70 - x when he worked in scientific research institute of psychiatry of the Ministry of Health. Somehow he heard a story about one girl. That vein in a communal flat and allegedly caught schizophrenia from the girlfriend. At first the scientist treated it with mistrust, but, having analysed statistics more than on 40 houses around Izmaylovskaya metro station, received unexpected results: in those apartments, mainly municipal where lived having schizophrenia, about 10% of people get sick, it is free or involuntarily communicating with them … Means, incidence depends on proximity to the schizophrenic and duration of contacts with it. A conclusion arose: schizophrenia - a disease infectious … Infection occurs vozdushno - a drop or air way“ .

Other doctor of science, Isaak Gurovich, commented on Kazants`s version as follows: assumptions of the infectious nature of madness were really repeatedly made, but were not scientifically confirmed, and “as for density of patients with schizophrenia in some houses: once chief physicians of psychoneurological clinics were included into the commissions on distribution of a living space and tried to obtain improvement of conditions for the patients. Also there were houses where there were many our patients“.

Nevertheless the sensation was picked up by other editions which would belong to Eteliya Kazants`s idea with about lshy trust.

In my opinion, actually the mechanism of transfer of abnormal behavior such is. The strongest instinct at the person is an instinct of self-preservation. Therefore it first of all adopts at people around those lines of behavior which allow the last, roughly speaking, “to win against others“, or, being expressed in terms of psychology, to dominate. Especially it is fair concerning children.

The child copies behavior not of all the relatives but only dominating - that with whom others as it seems to it, “cannot cope“. And it copies not all, and only what, according to the child, gives that the power over other people. If among the immediate environment there is a person with abnormal behavior (from - behind sincere diseases or simply from - for razvinchennost and petty tyranny), the child sees that other family members cannot do anything with this person and are even afraid of it and indulge his whims. It convinces the child of what is abnormal to behave can be favorable. The same mechanism operates at allegedly genetic inheritance of many other negative lines of relatives.

For example if the dominating person in a family is the drinking father before whom all others “tiptoe“, being afraid that in a state of intoxication he will beat them, it is necessary to expect that the son or the daughter will take alcoholic drinks, including it a reliable tool of intimidation of people around too. If mother of the child forgives any sins to the repeatedly sitting husband that that did not get furious (or out of pity that at him “life was heavy“), children and it will be noted. However, if on the horizon there is a gallant district police officer who will discredit in their eyes the myth about “invincibility“ of the ungirdled parent, children will decide that the militiaman is “stronger“, and this casual person will play a huge role their lives. Very much it is even probable that in the future they will want to devote the life to protection of a law and order as in their eyes this activity is a sign of strength of mind.

That fact of common knowledge that is frequent even the adults who visited conditions of a hazing or in a zone, assimilate to the torturers subsequently, is explained by the same. The person argues: “Such - that he won against me, so stronger. Others did not try to protect me, so it stronger not only me, but also others. Means, its way is most favorable to behave, and I have to become same“.

School teachers know well: if in a class there is a child who is too forward, and the class teacher cannot or does not want to call it to order, after a while 70% of schoolmates begin to imitate it.

As you can see, the perenimaniye children and teenagers of abnormal behavior of other person occurs only if the environment of this person reconciles to his behavior and allows it to do everything that he wants. Indulge any nonsense, farewell, acquit your torturer, submit to him - and your children will grow similar not by you, and by the one to whom you submit. Also do not tell the tale of your kindness and long-suffering: children do not copy behavior of weaklings!