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Japanese smartphone. Whether it will work in Russia?

Before recent time Japan in respect of mobile technologies traditionally advanced the whole world at least for several years. The number of mobile users in Japan in 2010 made 110 million people at the general population in 128 million citizens. to

Many functions which became available to us only in smartphones like wireless payments, television and multipixel cameras, to Japanese are available in “ordinary“ phones. Their phones received e-mail in 1999, began to be connected to 3G networks in 2001, and since 2004 mobile phones began to be used actively instead of a purse.

Traditionally our user perceives Japanese as technological leaders. The futuristic, exotic design and saturated functional stuffing (bright processors, huge screens, uncountable set of unique counters) form around “J - backgrounds“ the same devoted community of users, as around an anime and other manifestations of modern Japanese culture.

But, unfortunately, it is impossible so just to take and buy the Japanese phone for use it in Russia - there is a number of features and obstacles.

The vast majority of the Japanese phones is simply incapable to work in our cellular networks. Let`s tell, there is no GSM there at all - having arrived to the Land of the rising sun, it is necessary to lease at the airport phone capable to work in W - CDMA, UMTS (at frequency of 2100), PDC or some else of the standards available in this territory.

Besides, in Japan positions of operators are extremely strong. They participate in process of development and creation of mobile phones and smartphones along with vendors. The majority of the Japanese mobile phones is made only for operators of this country to order. With connection to other mobile operators, - cards they will not work with others SIM. However, in many cases there is a possibility of “razlochka“, besides, some Russian the Internet - shops sell “yaponafona“.

Separate devices can be used in Russia, but in them the SMS service (Japanese use e-mail instead of the SMS, at them it is very distributed and almost for free) and Internet connection can not work. It is natural that it will not turn out to find application for wireless payments in Russia.

Certainly, the Japanese producers it is aware of interest of “outside world“ in their devices. Therefore from time to time they create several devices optimized on our cellular networks and on our consumer. To speak about Sony, still actively using European developments “inherited“ from Ericsson, we will not be - I believe, their new products already long ago and are widely known.

There are also other examples of an exit of “big Japanese“ the namezhdunarodny arena. So, Sharp by the end of 2012 was noted by the release of Aquos Phone SH930W calculated to Europe. Acts as the first point of sale of a novelty … Russia. Imagine, honor to estimate the smartphone first around the world with Full HD the screen is provided to us (1920 on 1080 points). At SH930W density of pixels per inch is equal to 443 ppi that brings to mega - picture clearnesses. It is an absolute record among smartphones (for comparison, at the fifth iPhone with their Retina of everything 326).

“Akvosfon“ its “brother on the display“ of HTC J Butterfly began to be on sale earlier, than (the Taiwanese with Full HD the screen from Sharp). As it became known quite recently, no versions J Butterfly out of Japan will be on sale at all. Therefore at the beginning of 2013 probably Sharp the only possibility of Russians will use the smartphone with Full HD the screen (the screen protects, by the way, the Gorilla Glass glass steady against scratches and other mechanical damages) and many interesting counters - for example, applications for the translation of the text on the photo, “photoscanner“ and cool functions of a chamber. It is sold at the price around 21 thousand rubles - it is notable cheaper than South Korean or Taiwan novelties that too cannot but please.

The company to top Sharp was kept by three models. Unites these Android 4 devices. 0 (with updating to 4. 1), big displays, dual-core processors and unusual cover of Feel UX. The younger model - 5 - inch SH530U with support of two SIM - cards, will cost about 9 thousand rubles. It is still only device among And - brands with the big screen and two sim cards for such reasonable price. Average model - SH631W with 4,5 - the inch screen - about 13, and senior (it is possible to tell, the second leader) - Sharp SH837W equipped 4. 7 - the inch display with HD - permission 720r, will cost more than 16 thousand rubles.

Of course, in the adapted devices there are no many unique “Japanese“ counters. And nevertheless expansion of the range available to us products of an eminent brand from the Land of the rising sun cannot but please.