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Difficult choice of

Chapter 1: What to do?

Morning, as always awful., It seems, did not sleep at all. Woke up, and eyes hurt so as if all night long was at the computer. So here also from work called, asked to arrive earlier. Generally, morning, as always is saturated a negative. I will not understand, whether at me so, roofing felts it in general is normal when you wake up, and life seems unimaginable nonsense? Probably, all - only at me.
- Good morning, darling.
- Hi.
Ya lived with the wife the third year, and I cannot still call her darling., It seems, also I cannot without it, but in too time I understand that it is not love. It something strange. Strange feeling. When in youth quarreled and left, the feeling was it as if, from within something was pulled out. And now all absolutely not so. Here we expect a baby, the girl. I hope that when it appears, will already be, as if so to speak, it is easier to live, perhaps. Well we will look, we will not run on before.
- my mother will arrive today. - Nastya spoke.
- That would be the last straw, well in a day. - turned at me in the head. - Perfectly. I then will buy something to drink by the evening. - I spoke. Though somehow tried to let know to the wife that I am glad to arrival of her not prosheny guest of mother.
I Took a dislike to her mother from the first days of our acquaintance to Nastya. She then already said to Nastya that I useless and that to it to meet me - only to learn a grief. Here you present, to tell it about the unfamiliar person. Since then I also do not love the mother-in-law. At a wedding still pinned up me: “All can - you will change the mind, and?“ The woman, generally, not from the best. But the third year of our cohabitation with Nastya taught me that when mother comes, and she does it is regularly time in half a year, it is necessary to be moderately modest and not untied because the risk is big also from Nastya to earn. Here I also got used to such schedule of life. I in general like to sit somewhere more, to have a rest from this vanity.
I came To work earlier as I was asked to help the editor-in-chief of the newspaper with the choice of articles for the publication. I was so to speak his right hand, in all this paper business. And I with it had friendly relations, not as at subordinated and the chief and as already quite old friends. Though in the newspaper I work practically nothing, the second year went. We had a criminal newspaper. Published the mass of stories about maniacs, tyrants, murderers. Generally one negative.
- the Chief speaks, history was sent, strangled the girl in a bathroom. - Alexander, the associate editor spoke. - I heard. Now I will go to sort. - I answered at last.
Alexander from those people who only get on back. It seems and does bad nothing, but all the same something clings you and enrages.
When raked the cases on work, on a big break decided to go in cafeteria to drink coffee and for one, to have a bite a little. Ordered, I sit, I wait. Suddenly, passes by me unimaginably as then it seemed to me, the beautiful girl. Her appearance was so attractive that I could not master myself. The sexy, young girl is slightly more than twenty years. It was the love at first sight. Most it is a shame, but there is not nothing I can do with myself, though I understand that the house is waited by the pregnant spouse. Still as ill luck would have it, also sat down opposite to me. To tell honestly, I did not know what to do. To approach, not to approach …. If I approach, what then with Nastya to do? But I will not approach what with myself to do? The decision did not come to mind in any way, and I left things to chance, to pass by it and if though will look at me - I immediately get acquainted. Rose, went … She did not look and I took a situation in hand. Nothing needed to be done - took and sat down for its little table opposite.
- Hello. - I spoke in terrible excitement.
- Good afternoon. - the stranger spoke.
- I Can treat you with a cup of coffee?
- And in it unless is sense? - with astonishment the girl asked.
- I think is. You know, here cook fine coffee. - I began.
to us were brought by coffee and my lunch ordered early. At first, communication was a little tense. So to speak, there was a certain shyness. But whether coffee helped, force roofing felts what, but we began to communicate. She was called Olga. Twenty three years were it, studies on the 4th course of university of economy. Besides study still earns additionally the waitress in some cafe. Would communicate and communicated as remembered that in ten minutes I finish a lunch break.
- Me needs already to run. - I spoke. - you will leave me the number?
- With pleasure. - with pleasure the girl spoke. I gave it a sheet of paper and asked to nacherkat on number of its mobile is mute. I did not like to write down in number phone. I concerning it had the theory, say, now and so all passed to computer technologies, so let though something will remain classical.
the head of me was already hammered Now something by another, not work. I fell in love with the girl, having the pregnant wife. What to do? To throw Nastya meanly, but also could do nothing with Olya. So strongly she sat down at me at the head. Desperate situation. Though as the classic spoke: “Desperate situations do not happen“. Perhaps is also not present, but the decision so far did not come to my mind in any way. And the whole remained day I thought only of Olya.

Chapter 2: Decision All evening I was puzzled with

, could not decide in any way what to do. And Nastya was so happy, is so childly naive that I could not throw her or some negative news for it, afflict her. I could not throw it, could not even think of it. My pregnant wife really loved me, and I as the most awful husband fell in love as then it seemed to me, with another. For some reason that evening I began to remember everything that I had with Nastya. As she met me when I came from work, throwing the arms round to me a neck and kissing as I read it the new article, and she spoke what I am a good fellow, and still a set of some pleasant moments. That evening I understood, not one girl will not replace these fine feelings. I decided to throw out a leaf with Oliny number and to continue happy life about the wife. Though happiness was not long, the mother-in-law arrived.
In three months was born the daughter. It seemed to my happiness, there is no limit. I was really happy, holding on hands of the child and observing for is unreal beautiful Nastya. The girl was named Olga.