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What is a syndrome of the loser?

Are in my environment the person to whose lot already so many troubles fell that would be enough for the whole book under the name “I and My Misadventures“.

The syndrome of the loser on his example means that the pig which flew away from something surely will get to it into a leg, long-awaited holiday will be saddened by that, something, escaping from suddenly arisen toothache, will fall into clutches some young probationer who will not help but only will do much harm, or will step on a cockleshell then the leg will swell to the sizes incommensurable to footwear.

And the quantity of small splinters which was got to it from eyes sets thinking: what it is ill fate or qualities of character which these troubles attract a magnet? And how about unhappy stars in which people with a syndrome of the loser so trust?

Anyway, the problem is, and it is necessary to solve it somehow.

It is possible to plunge into school memoirs, trying to discover in them a root of all troubles and misfortunes, and having found it in the form of itself, the teenager wearing spectacles, with insult proclaiming to spiteful boys “well give a portfolio“, to replace it with the superhero who bangs boys this portfolio. It is possible to be engaged in auto-training, under the name “I become the favourite of fate“ and to represent how good luck takes by hand and conducts further on life. And it is possible to admit the fact that only the certain mentality and the same ways of response to situations, lead to invariable series of misfortunes which pour as peas on the head.

Seeing ahead of itself a pool, the person with a syndrome of the loser will sigh: there now, now again will not carry, and by all means will step in it, even without trying to bypass somehow.

Or there are, for example, such situations to which someone will not pay absolutely any attention, and someone, suffering from an above-mentioned syndrome, will have a stress, will scroll in the head as the movie, time so twenty and will fill up with this new trouble the moneybox of failures. It turns out that for such people failure - only the next confirmation that stars played with them a dirty trick which is supported and grows in process of accumulation of troubles.

The program “I terribly am not lucky“ is written down on subconsciousness, as on a film.

Reactions of response to troubles can be the following:

Humble acceptance of all troubles. Sad eyes of a burro of News agency and the phrase “such I was born, here will do nothing“, accompanied with sighs. The impression is made that such people so grew together with this image that voluntarily set up themselves under all blows of life and, even having a certain quantity of options in a stock, all the same will choose the worst.

Desperate fight against all the troubles and desire to prove to the whole world that life consists of continuous gifts of fate. Only one word “loser“ sounds as an appeal to raise the head above supposedly you whom, dear, you mean. Enormous tension is costed by this fight and in people around causes laughter. The person, using this reaction, tries to convince all of the success and udacha which flow on him, in abundance, as favourite Pronya Prokopovna tried to convince all the enviable groom of the belonging to ladies of the high society.

Attempts to isolate itself from the whole world. To be closed in the sink and to refuse rich and bright life because she is full of dangers and misfortunes. To follow only one narrow, but trodden road, without going back a step. The motto on life - is better not to lean out. An excellent example - the hero of the story of Chekhov of “People in a case“, Belikov whose favourite phrase was “it will come to no good“. Goodness knows that for trouble hid and waits behind new turn.

Any reaction of flight from the misfortunes causes opposite effect, under the name “I from Failures Run, and They Pursue Me“.

As to react most correctly and without serious consequences for itself?

To accept itself and the failures without aggression and rage, without grief and grief, but with invariable humour. It is so possible to pass also for the favourite of public at the expense of the cheerful stories, having turned not luckiness into a peculiar highlight. Sometimes comedians create to themselves fine ratings, deriding themselves and the shortcomings. And so you will laugh at the incident together with all, you look, and it will become easier. As in words from the famous song of Neschastny Sluchay group, in response to a question that it in mortal life - “not so did a little, I just am always skillful to laugh at myself“.