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Purchase of the car. How not to fall a victim of “grey“ dealers?

it is possible to Buy the car of the dream in the different ways. You can buy a car privately, but then you need to have at yourself all sum cash. And here if there is no necessary cash, and the car dreams you every night, then you can go to the dealer center, choose a car, issue a car loan and to become the happy owner of a desired car.

Such scheme of succession of events will help to save to you time, nerves and financial means... or not?

Today at the automobile market along with official dealers there are informal, or “gray“, dealers from a meeting with whom you derive a minimum of pleasure and a maximum of efforts and disappointments + financial losses.

Unfortunately, it is legally difficult to prove illegality of actions of data of motor shows, for this purpose it is necessary to collect evidential base and to appeal to court. But not always on it there are time and an opportunity. Not to fall a victim of informal dealers and to derive a maximum of pleasure from the purchase, we will consider the most frequent situations arising in the course of communication with such salon.

Typical situations at the request for a car loan to informal dealers:

1. The manager phoned to you that ten banks approved your application and you can quietly arrive and take away a car.

On each website of the dealer online - the application for receiving a car loan exists. You honestly fill all necessary fields, leave the contact information, and in 15 minutes you are called back by the employee of credit department. You are convinced that “everything is ready“, call to you monthly payment on the credit, an attractive interest rate and promise a heap of gifts.

Be sure that you are deceived. Any bank will not make the decision on your credit without your presence and necessary documents. Thus, information which to you is reported by the credit specialist of a motor show is, so to speak, assumptions that the bank can approve to you the necessary sum, and can not approve. The last succession of events, naturally, it is held back.

It is important to staff of such salon to entice by all means you into place, and there they will think up “something“.

Besides you color copies of your documents can ask to send you to mail of this motor show for check on credit base. Do not do it at all! This fraud.

2. Attractively low price of the desirable car. How many say

that free cheese it is known where is, we continue to believe in what to us will carry. In this case the price specified on the website is the price for a basic complete set of a car, i.e. for empty car. About it you will not find words on the website. In order that you could leave on it, you need to install the additional equipment for the separate sum. It is, as a rule, held back. It is natural that the sum of your purchase considerably will increase.

Even if you agree to take a car in a basic complete set on the posted price, then car dealership managers will not sell it to you. They will do everything possible and impossible that you did not leave from them without the additional equipment since on it the dealer earns decent money. Will say to you that if you do not establish all necessary “here and now“, then any bank will not approve to you the credit and a car it will be removed from a guarantee.

It contradicts the law. The law of the Russian Federation “About consumer protection“ does not allow imposing of additional paid services for what property responsibility of the seller (article 16) is provided: “It is forbidden to cause acquisition of one goods (works, services) as obligatory acquisition of other goods (works, services)“.

3. Rather low monthly payment on the credit.

On the same website the credit calculator by means of which you without effort will be able to calculate the monthly payment on a car loan exists. The dirty trick is here that calculations will be made on the programmed minimum bank percent, and it means that expenses on the COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE, life insurance of the borrower, the additional equipment will not be included here. Thus, the received sum will be far from reality that enters you into obvious delusion. You will be unpleasantly surprised when in salon the credit specialist sounds to you the sum 10 times more.

4. The additional financial expenses connected with receiving a car loan. cannot be their

. If car dealership managers begin to extort from you money for opening of the bank account and to refer to the fact that this indispensable condition when receiving a car loan, then you are deceived. This fraud. Banks do not carry out any additional collecting, and it means that your blood will go to cash desk of salon or to a pocket of personnel.

5. There is no car showroom to which you addressed in the list of official dealers.

It it is simple to b to check

. It is enough to visit the website of representation of this make of the car in Russia and to check the complete list of official dealers.

It is also worth noting, as level of service in such institutions leaves much to be desired.

Not to face such motor shows, conform to the rules:

do not transfer the personal data to the third parties by mail, to phone, the fax etc.;

estimate the actual market value of a desirable car and compare to the offered options;

check independently bank information on interest rates, monthly payments and terms for crediting;

check officiality of a car showroom to which you plan to address;

read reviews on the Internet of this motor show;

read information written by a small print and gray letters on the website of a motor show;

read the law on consumer protection to secure themselves.