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What is the deviant behavior?

Any society develop certain “rules of the game“: as the person and what to be engaged in what to tell to whom and in what sequence has to look. In order that society developed, and the person as a look could survive in competitive fight, first of all, stability therefore all those who did not meet standards suffered persecution is important.

And pursued also those who had a set of negative lines, and those who were a cut above a mean of society. Geniuses, beauties, talented people suffered from “witch-hunt“ first of all. So was always. Compliance to canons of society was required both at the time of Sparta, and at the time of the Soviet Union. What fight against such stronghold of capitalism as long hair at guys is necessary! In fact - absolutely innocent feature.

How society reacts to deviant behavior?

The first level - makes light. For example if the nondrinker managed to get drunk and behave in a queer way in a state of intoxication, will remember it with humour. The first level of deviation is inherent in all!

The second level - the person or group of people cause aggressive reaction in society. For a start people around recognize that with behavior of this person (the thief, the profligate, the alcoholic, the brawler, the musician who does not allow to sleep at night, the experimenter, from - for whom the house the third time remains without electricity, and so on) or groups of people (a gang, sect) it is necessary to do something. It is especially difficult to struggle with deviant behavior of a group of persons because they create the subculture, each certain member of group is supported on slippery, from the point of view of society, a path by his friends and friends.

The deviant behavior can have three appearance.

Destructive behavior - the person gains any defect which harms first of all him (for example, “plyushkinizm“ or masochism).

Asocial behavior which does harm to relatives - alcoholism, drug addiction, a sadism, a suicide or attempt to make it.

The illegal actions directed against foundations of society or casual people - for example, murders, robberies and other crimes.

If the deviant behavior was expressed in a single act, there are no reasons to sound alarm often. It is much worse if the deviance became a kind of activity (for example, the person lives due to prostitution or thefts) or even a way of life (sect or a band with the “code of honor“).

It is possible to say that inspirituality and materialism therefore deviations began to meet even more often took control of society much. But actually deviant deviations were always and at any level of spirituality.

And it is necessary to say not about it, and what to do to the people suffering from deviant behavior of relatives or realizing that own behavior is far from norm but at the same time not capable to independently take itself in a framework. Alas, but representatives of the second category in my practice met extremely seldom.

As a rule, the victims of deviant behavior who should be learned how to resist to an aggressor ask for the help, parents of children whose behavior is far from normal, come for the help of the psychologist to find the reasons of strangeness of the offsprings and to develop strategy of their education.

The deviant behavior of your relatives means that some educational moment was once missed. But better late than never, therefore address psychologists and psychotherapists, look for support and a way to correct or change a situation.