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Nymphomania: “fashionable“ illness? What

the man does not dream of the woman who always wants sex and whom it is possible to bring the easy movement of any body to an orgasm? Many believe that this great happiness - to enter into the romantic relations with the nymphomaniac. Every day and every moment to feel

desired, but in few weeks to feel as a squeezed orange and to grit the teeth, looking at the passionate beauty who cannot be satisfied, and a month later - another to begin to look for the hairdresser who will agree to store anonymity, filing time in a week of a horn...

The nymphomaniac falls not into the best state too. During sex she tests orgasms - bright and qualitative, repeated, but at the same time has no satisfaction. Suffering from a nymphomania reminds a legendary horse of the baron Myunkhgauzen at whom a back half was torn off. A forward half of a horse drank and could not get drunk because water poured out.

The impossibility of sexual saturation leads to the fact that the woman becomes the scandalous hysteric woman, the jealous lover of loud scenes. She plays dramas, trying to manipulate people around, is quite often forced to deceive all at least to try to satisfy the sexual requirements.

The nymphomaniac feels pathological need for sex, agrees to sexual contacts with any partner and does not pay attention to such conventions as age, the status, appearance, and sometimes - even a floor!

There are 4 types of a nymphomania: congenital (girls begin sex life very much early and no system in the choice of sexual partners is shown), acquired (for example, owing to diseases of endocrine system, gynecologic problems or psychiatric frustration), climacteric (result of hormonal reorganization and a psychological imbalance) and imaginary. The last type of a nymphomania actually is purely psychological deviation, by means of sex the woman tries to feel, for example, attractive and to ego-trip.

The nymphomania is an illness, in many cases it is possible to cure it or to facilitate course. But not always women consider it necessary to address the psychotherapist or the sexopathologist, many are sure that they have just such type of temperament. Modern advertizing of sex forces some nymphomaniacs even to be proud of such problem!

Actually the nymphomania is a frustration which can lead to serious problems in private life, loss of the social status, to emergence of many venereal diseases. The nymphomaniac appears, as a rule, in social vacuum - there will always be a person interested to have sex, but if it happens to the mountain - to come to the rescue there is nobody.

This deviation is rather difficult to treat, and pleases that the real, not imaginary nymphomania meets rather seldom - 1 case on 2,5 thousand women. To lower sexual desire, prescribe the woman special preparations, treat a physiological deviation which caused a nymphomania, register a strict diet. Exclude all aphrodisiacs, in particular chocolate, hot dishes, seafood, and also alcohol from a diet.

For those women at whom the imaginary nymphomania is observed, the help of the psychotherapist - the main way to eliminate this deviation. Psychotherapeutic sessions are necessary to help such woman to have satisfaction from sexual contact with the partner (the solution of certain psychological problems removes the barriers preventing completion of process of satisfaction).

If the reason of emergence of frustration is caused physiologically, often women very much regret subsequently that they did from - for the problem. The help of the good psychologist is necessary to them to fight for the social status, to adjust private life, to restore contacts with people which began to be careful of the nymphomaniac.