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Kept woman. Why sell themselves?

Russian-language search engine on inquiry “I look for the kept woman“ gives more than 200 thousand pages, and on inquiry “I look for the sponsor“ 27 million. The difference in figures speaks for itself. Demand in this case does not give rise to the offer. And such competition forces to make all efforts to achieve the objectives.

the Kept woman is the woman of easy virtue who is on contents at the wealthy man, showing consumer interest in it. For such women do not write verses, romantic evenings are not necessary to them too, they are already ready for everything for the sake of the man - the sponsor. The kept woman is not absolutely the prostitute.

It - one and only, at least, on the near future, so far to it is what to pay. It is its small status toy, a consolation and pleasure.

The kept woman is not the mistress. She has no feelings to the man, has no plans for destruction of a family, but intention its not so pure and honest as it seems. From the man, except financing, it especially - needs nothing that. As a rule, the kept woman is educated, brought up, without addictions and from a good family. Wishing it is beautiful to live and not to work, she chose for herself such way. There is one more mercenary purpose - to be warmed at warm fires of safe society and to become its missing link.

For what the man pays? For beauty which is capable to lift its self-assessment. For youth (on contents do not take usually young ladies 25 years are more senior). Still, probably, there is a separate payment for tranquility and a guarantee. It is possible not to be afraid that once you will be turned out with a suitcase in hands or will leave without explanations. The good mood of the woman, lack of cavils and discontent is guaranteed. All whims and the man`s wishes will be executed. Here such coordinated relations of the king and the concubine without claims and excess problems. Not novel and not love .

There are, however, exceptions in men. The king is not so generous as it would be desirable, fools the girl, tells her fairy tales that “then I will buy“, uses her trustfulness. The patience on gratuitous life at the beauty comes to an end, and it breaks off the relations. Such defaulters usually get to a black list of the websites on which kept women communicate with each other, support each other, impart experience, the mistakes and cunnings.

To become the kept woman, external data, age, ukhozhennost and abilities the economy is good to conduct insufficiently. It is necessary still to learn to look at the world the man`s eyes, to be able to listen and be silent, guess his desires, mood, to study his psychological portrait, to be attentive and tender.

About any love, of course, out of the question. The love can bring pain and sufferings in such relations. Dreams of happiness and a family will break “the business contract“ of the man and woman.

If, having read all this, you vyreshit that the kept woman - the ideal woman for life, you will be mistaken. Except money, it more from you needs nothing. Agree, it is not absolutely honest.

Too much self-interest is hidden between lines.