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Ozonoterapiya - a fashionable tendency or means which treats?

Already for a long time all have very famous rather new method of treatment - an ozonoterapiya. Often it is advertized by the commercial medical centers, on their handbills are described a miracle - properties of this means and the promise to help all patients with any illness. But whether so it actually? Whether it is possible to trust such promises? Let`s understand. First of all needs to tell

several words about what is ozone and from where it is taken. Ozone is, speaking to language of chemists, allotropic modification of oxygen, and in simple terms is the changed oxygen form. Just one molecule of oxygen contains two atoms, and in an ozone molecule - three atoms. That`s all difference. But difference essential which, in general, also defines all curative properties of ozone.

Ozone is not liquid and not solid substance, it is gas. The ozone smell is familiar to all. Any caught this smell before a thunder-storm. But why before a thunder-storm? Yes it is very simple. Ozone is formed under the influence of a strong electric discharge when usual oxygen which we breathe changes and turns out ozone (it, by the way, is very unstable and quickly collapses).

In clinical conditions, i.e. in hospital, in the medical centers etc., there are special devices for receiving ozone. They are small, work from a network. To these devices conduct special tubes with needles which are connected by other end to what it is necessary to ozonize i.e. enrich with ozone (it can be physiological solution, the syringe for injections, even the patient`s blood). All this becomes in the presence of the patient. As soon as ozonization comes to an end, it is necessary to enter the ozonized substance to the patient. It is necessary to do it as soon as possible: as it was told above, ozone quickly collapses. For example, in 10 - 15 minutes in the ozonized physiological solution, there are only 65% of ozone.

With what is ozone and as it is received, understood. It is a high time to pass to the description of medicinal properties of ozone and where it is applied. Here main medicinal properties :

The immunostimulating action.

Immunomodulatory action.

Increase of regenerative (recovery) functions of an organism.

Geroprotektorny action (prevents presenilation of cages).

Antiseptic action.

As ozone proved a remedy in various field of medicine.

1. Obstetrics and gynecology. the Main indications - pregnancy interruption threat, chronic gynecologic (including and inflammatory) diseases, restoration after surgeries. By the way, gynecologists one of the first began to use ozone in treatment of patients.

2. Therapy. Here ozone is used more often as addition to the main lecheniyuvvid of its recovery action (gastritises, hepatitises, cirrhoses, metabolic disorders, diabetes). Especially it would be desirable to place emphasis on use of ozone in treatment of patients with diabetes. Very good results in prevention of such dangerous complications of diabetes, as a retinopathy, peeling of a retina of an eye, a syndrome of diabetic foot.

3. Neurology. Indications - the violations of brain blood circulation (strokes), chronic ischemia of a brain, diseases connected with ischemia of brain fabric.

4. Traumatology. ozone has Especially noticeable effect at application it at burn patients. It is noticed that regeneration of fabrics takes place 3 - 4 times quicker after use of ozone as it is system (intravenously with physiological solution), and locally (directly in the place of defeat), it is less than infectious complications, reduction of painful effect, faster rehabilitation.

5. Surgery. As a rule, ozone use as an additional method of treatment at patients after heavy operations for decrease in risk of infectious complications and for faster restoration of an organism here.

6. Cosmetology and dermatology. Here ozone is used practically everywhere and in all available forms. In the form of applications, masks, creams, srubs, orosheniye. The main aim which is pursued by cosmetologists is to protect the patient`s skin from presenilation at the cellular level, to restore the damaged integument sites.

But how ozone gets to an organism of the patient and has necessary effect? Partially the answer is already given above, but let`s dwell upon it.

The most widespread way of treatment by ozone is intravenous administration the ozonized physiological solution. To the patient put a dropper with the ozonized physical solution. The volume of intravenous injection usually does not exceed 250 ml for one procedure.

One more way of treatment by ozone is a small autogemoozonoterapiya . At the patient 5 - 10 ml of a blue blood get into the syringe which is previously filled with ozone (gas), the received mix is entered intramuscularly. The course of treatment, as a rule, does not exceed 5 - 8 procedures.

Use of the ozonized distilled water gains steam inside at a number of diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path.

Use of ozone in the form of applications is also possible (ozonize medicinal substance which will be used at application).

There is a wish to note that it is not the complete list of methods of application of ozone and areas of its use. But it is important to know one: ozone is always an additional method of treatment at any disease! It will not replace full treatment with those preparations and methods of treatment which are shown at a certain disease or a state. Ozonoterapiya is carried out only after consultation with the attending physician and only in medical medical institution. If where - or you meet by

on sale the ozonized physiological solution or other medicinal substances, and also ointments, creams - safely pass by. It is deception! As it was told at the very beginning of article, ozone quickly collapses and has to be delivered in the patient`s organism within several minutes after his receiving.

Ozone has practically no side effects (except for allergic reactions which meet extremely seldom). It is compatible practically to all medicines. But you should not look at this preparation as on panacea, it is rather as on the assistant. Ozone well affects bodies and fabrics, restoring them at the cellular level, increasing immunity. Prevents development of malignant new growths at the expense of expressed okislitelno - recovery action, than fights with free radicals - one of the main sources of development of cancer cells. Ozone - a fine prophylactic of many illnesses.

Here, perhaps, and everything that needs to know the person, uninitiated in medicine, about use of ozone in medical practice. But the most important - remember that your health in your hands! Always check information on the methods of treatment which are widely lit in mass media and always ask for the help certified specialists in white dressing gowns - to doctors. Then the risk of a mistake and disappointment will be minimum.