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But whether not to go to us on a visit to ostriches?

of the Trip on an ostrich farm enjoy special popularity among children, but too it is interesting to adult to learn that for so overseas bird - an ostrich. Especially as it is not necessary to go to far Africa, now these birds can be seen and in our corner of the world. Here and we went at the weekend to an ostrich farm. the Industrial strausovodstvo is extended by

around the world and every year actively develops in the European countries. It arose in South Africa in H_H a century, and in Europe won popularity about 30-40 years ago. It is interesting that the first attempt of cultivation of ostriches was made by Friedrich Falz - Fane in Askania-Nova in the south of Ukraine in 1888.

It is simple to breed ostriches as these birds perfectly feel in our climate. The African ostriches are very unpretentious to food and conditions of keeping: they maintain both a heat, and frosts, can long do without water. It appears, even in Murmansk region there is an ostrich farm. Can eat winter of a bird hay and maintain frosts to -25 about With, but they should be protected from drafts and ice.

The African ostrich - the biggest bird in the world, reaches 2,7 meters in height and can weigh to 100 kg. In nature lives in savannas and the deserts of Africa and in the Middle East. From - for heavy weight it does not fly therefore it has no Kiel and wings, but here back extremities very strong are underdeveloped: the ostrich can run with a speed of 70 km/h, taking 3-4 meter steps, and about half an hour is capable to run without stopping.

Females usually have is gray - brown coloring of plumage, and males - black. Ostriches have no teeth therefore they swallow of small pebbles for digestion of food. The ostrich can live in favorable conditions more than 70 years. The female during a season can lay 50 - 80 eggs, and the male undertakes care of their incubation. Strausyata are born already capable to see and move, their weight makes more than a kilogram. In search of food they usually go for “father“.

A popular belief that ostriches live in Australia, but it not so. The Australian birds are called an emu, and in South America are found to Nantes who were referred to strausoobrazny earlier, but in 1980 - e years biologists reconsidered this classification. Now emus carry to group kazuaroobrazny, and to Nantes - to nanduobrazny though all three look is really similar.

Probably, many since the childhood the question why the ostrich hides the head in sand interests? Actually he does not hide, and for masking puts the head and a neck on the earth, and becomes similar to a bush, trying to become imperceptible for predators thus. But if all - attack it, then the ostrich is furiously protected, using strong paws with sharp claws. Its blows can kill even a tiger or a lion. Also he can put the head and a neck on the earth after a pursuit when it has no forces any more. Thus he has a rest. Happens that ostriches just peck stones, and the impression is from a distance made that they hide the head.

During excursion one grandmother listened - listened, and then asked a question: “And as if to me to the village to buy such bird?“ The employee of a farm answered it that it is not possible to keep an ostrich in a usual shed as they live usually families (one male on several females) and it will be difficult to look after in the village her: suddenly will escape where - nibud - you will not catch.

In ostriches everything is appreciated: meat, skin, feathers, eggs. In Ancient Egypt the ostrich feather was a justice symbol as it is divided a core into two equal parts while at other birds this division uneven. From feathers produced fans and fans, did cups for drink of eggs. Ostriches were even used instead of a horse in a small team.

Though the ostrich and a bird, but taste of its meat of an ostrich reminds … beef. Preparation of such elementary dish as fried eggs from egg of an ostrich, - a subject special. To break egg, it is necessary to use the hammer or to puncture it with a special spoke and to blow, otherwise not to break a strong shell. To receive hard boiled egg, it is necessary to cook it more than two hours.

Ostriches in our corner of the world still remain exotic birds, but - who knows, can in several decades we will consider them, local.