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It is fine at all times... What history of female beauty?

Are subjects which are actual at all times. Female beauty is one of them. What of women does not want to look younger, more beautiful, more slender... For this purpose in our arsenal there are thousands of the most various cosmetics and procedures.

Beauty - not requirement, but ecstasy. These are not eager lips and not the empty given hand, but ardent heart and the fascinated soul. It is not an image that you would like to see, and not the song that you would like to hear, but an image which you see even if you will close eyes, and the song which you hear even if you will close ears.
(Dzhubran X.)

Let`s remember those times when the modern cosmetic arsenal was not. What was done by women what served as cosmetics? How everything began?

Everything began with awareness of need of care of the body, a ritual coloring and desire to be allocated. “Cosmetics“ of ancient was connected with knowledge of properties of plants. Leaves of a plantain were used by Slavs for treatment of the inflamed skin, at cuts, bruises, stings. All know medical action of an aloe.

Special value in cosmetology has honey which in combination with massage softens skin, does it elastic. Massage was known long since, but Hippocrates defined massage as one of the main cosmetic procedures.

Hands, a face and hair were washed, using river sand, ashes. Peculiar srub.

In Ancient Egypt priests were the best specialists in cosmetics. They were keepers of recipes of production of paints, essential oils and aromas. For example, priests of Ancient Egypt bleached cheeks, led round eyes green (carbonic copper), rubbed a body with fragrant oils, dyed a gray hair in black color, using for this purpose blood of black animals. Up to now the fashion of the Egyptian beauties reached - to extend eyes by means of the dark line along a century towards a temple.

In Ancient China the adult woman had to be painted very strongly: on a face there are a lot of whitewash, black eyebrows in the form of an arch, the teeth covered with the golden mix adding them special gloss.

Ancient India is known for use of paints for a permanent make-up. Tilaka - the small point on a forehead - distinguishes the Indian women to this day.

And what it is possible to tell about cosmetics of Ancient Israel ? Archeologists found how they assume, a workshop of the first century of our era in which made aromatic oils and fragrant mixes for use in the temple. And in 1988 to year in a cave near Kumran, on the west bank of the Dead Sea, found a small jug with oil. This find became the real sensation. Perhaps this that well-known balzamovy oil? And as the homeland of a balzamovy tree consider Arabia or Africa. Balzamovy oil turns out from its juice.

Balm was even some kind of currency and played a strategic role in policy. According to the historian Josef Flavia , Mark Anthony presented as a gift the whole grove of these valuable trees to the Egyptian queen Cleopatra .

What was represented by cosmetics in Russia ? It consisted of vegetable raw materials. To make the person is brighter and ruddier, used juice of raspberry, cherry, beet. And that eyes were more expressive - black soot. Hair painted an onions peel in brown color, a saffron with a camomile - in is white - yellow. The whiteness was given wheat flour or chalk.

Female beauty keeps in itself so many secrets. But we know one precisely - in whatever era and the country the woman lived, she will be always beautiful!