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Whether the woman will do military service?

Occur opinion that the woman - the weaker sex, and her mission on the earth is limited to creation of a family and continuation of the human race. Not the place supposedly to it in the field of battle, and not to its fragile handles to hold the weapon. Not each man can bear selflessly and with firmness such service where to women - that?

However it is enough examples of female heroism in our history. It is possible to find information on passing by women of military service, their active participation in military operations, merits, feats and awards in any military conflict of different times and the people. Colonels, captains, atamans, commanders of guerrilla groups, sanitary battalions, women-pilots, pulemetchitsa, intelligence agents, cavalrymen, snipers, medical officers, nurses …

Exist the historical documents confirming official permission to women to be in field army, for example, at the time of Russko - the Turkish war or Patriotic war of 1812.

Very few people know that there was a so-called “female battalion of death“ protecting the Winter Palace in night of October storm.

The female soul aside could not sit and observe when danger threateningly hung over the Russian State, and it was torn fearlessly in the center of events.

In the Soviet Union the official ban on service of women in army in a peace time worked. The Great Patriotic War became an exception. The women participating in fighting battles of 1941-1945 there are more than 800 thousand.

Today it is possible to meet the woman in field army of the Russian Federation, and not only at an officer position. The percent of the serving women is not so small. However, mostly it is contract employees. The service for them is not a conscription on an equal basis with men, they are called at own will.

Probably, times now difficult. There are obviously not enough male soldiers in army. In this regard and taking into account rich historical experience of the state the bill allowing conscription of the Russian women for a period of one year was prepared. Also certain privileges at service will be provided for them. The new bill will assume to girls voluntarily, at desire to refuse military service after obtaining the agenda because it is, of course, not the total mobilization and not a compulsory measure of military department connected with external threats.

Valuable experience of the western countries, such as China, Cuba, Israel, Australia, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland served as an example. Women pass conscription service there, as well as men.

The bill is under consideration in the State Duma. It is worth expecting heated discussions of this document and disputes on this subject. Perhaps, the obligatory military service of women will make army of more humane.

Or perhaps and vice versa, prinyosyot excess problems and difficulties in already difficult relationship of floors.

And business here not so much in mistrust of men to women. Our men are not ready to put the lady on one step near themselves. As a matter of fact, them have nothing to be afraid, the army female will hardly become.