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What houseplants bring material welfare? Beliefs and a sign of

the Role of money cannot be overestimated presently. All want to earn more and to live in clover. Therefore the belief in various mascots, as if attracting wealth is so widespread. Here and in this article it is told about the houseplants, most popular in the people, which are allegedly providing material welfare.

1. Probably, all will agree with me that the most known in this rating - a crassula (she is Krassula) which it is plain is called “a monetary tree“.

This hot it is southern - the African growing in many Russian houses, by hearsay, perfectly attracts money. And the better it grows, the more, respectively, welfare in the house improves.

It is considered that to force a crassula “to work“ at full capacity, it is necessary to put it not ABBA in what, and in green or the red pot (is even better). It is impossible to tear off the dried-up leaflets at a monetary tree, let will disappear.

And the most important - it is necessary to look after a plant (the benefit it simply) that it did not dry up. Will dry up - not to hear to you a rustle of notes. But will bring a beautiful plant to it hardly anyone. Eventually, let all this only beliefs, but a plant - that live!

And if suddenly the crassula at you blossomed - just right to run in shop behind the safe because it means, on national signs, the unexpected wealth.

2. the Second place among houseplants - “pots of gold“ belongs to all the known geranium . Though to this flower there will be a place almost in any list of plants: in the list of the most unpretentious, in the list of plants - preservatives, among plants - the repellents (which are frightening off from insects), etc.

As a magnet for money this plant functions better if near it to put a pot with an azalea. Whether the geranium does not take out loneliness, whether “is just manufactured“ before the neighbor, but the people noted this fact.

3. the Bronze medal in this competition can be hung up on a neck, more precisely, on prickles of a cactus . It preserves material welfare in the house against any financial surprises, at the same time increasing it. Provide to a cactus a bright sunlight and water moderately, and he by all means will generously thank you.

Besides, if in the house there are cactuses, then robbers will not get into it.

Of course, many bad signs also are connected with a cactus. But they have no relation to money. Therefore it would be unfair not to include it in this list.

4. Nearly - the room bamboo , or Sander`s Dragon tree nearly holds on to the three of winners >.

This plant symbolizes prosperity, good luck and prompt growth, in relation to material welfare too. And fans of houseplants are sure that the success in financial affairs attracted with a bamboo remains for a long time.

Care of it is necessary minimum. The main thing - in time and plentifully to water, especially in the summer.

If escapes of a bamboo began to grow in the house actively, shortly also welfare of the owner will follow their example. And to help a plant to attract money, put near it a toad (that that with three paws and a coin in a mouth).

5. the fern Closes a chain of green generators of wealth (a nephrolepis, asplenium, a mnogoryadnik, etc.) . This hygrophilous plant will protect your purse from unnecessary expenses, thereby providing stable material welfare. It is interesting how the fern does it? Likely, every time when the owner opens a purse to buy some knickknack, in his brain emerges an image of a fern with the menacing expression... kroner.

Rumors go: the lucky who came a huge fortune remember that before it they bought a buckler fern (a garden fern). But the belief is even more widespread that if suddenly the fern blossoms (though, derisively everything, scientists proved that it is impossible), then in this house will forget what it is need, forever.

Here such national hit - parade! Well, forward for green sponsors?