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You want that new 2013 was successful?

As will not be banal to sound, but the first that for this purpose is necessary - it is necessary to think.
In Russia, became fashionable to associate new year with any animal according to cycles of the Chinese calendar.

Newspapers, magazines, the Internet entered competition in councils what to put on on New Year`s Eve what to prepare on a table how to decorate the house.

All anything! But New 2013 - year of the Snake will begin with 10. 02. 2013. And before this date year of the Dragon dominates! Also it turns out that, having prepared, all for a year of the Snake you, you betray the Dragon. And we were warned. The dragon is stubborn and irritable and can take offense and throw out at parting that be such not including in your plans. And the Snake understanding as easily you betray, the Dragon will lose, to you the favorable relation. You in the same way will betray it. Especially astrologers and prophets claim that the symbol of this year bears difficult socially - the personal relations, but at due consideration to current situation and the corresponding behavior, your opportunity will be cardinal to change a situation in the advantageous party for you.

Many do not think of New year without movie “Twist of fate“ (the name that what if to trust, to the fact that the thought is material - irony of the destiny you already programmed). The whole year the country fights against alcoholism, and here the drunk men who are drunk up before shutdown of memory become heroes. Watching love intrigues of the main characters anybody have no question: “And how Galya?“ It turns out that the movie not such New Year`s, time in it.

Already for anybody not news that New Year`s feasts - the real tests for health of Russians. Where to take how many health that all night long is spicy, sour, greasy, sweet food and to wash down it with plentiful amount of alcohol, carbonated drinks and to remain at the same time healthy? Besides it is necessary to consider that at Russians the New Year`s feast smoothly flows during a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner, and so all holidays without exception.

“To walk, to walk so“ - the motto of many at the beginning of a year. Many are guided by a belief: “As you will meet New year, so and you will spend it“ - therefore and meet, thinking that abundance of products on a table will be a guarantor of rich life.

But very few people reflect that the New Year`s ceremony of carrying out a holiday is harmful:
- the Meeting of New year takes place at night;
- Is used a large number of products (fat, fried, smoked);
- Is broken the settled mode;
- From the drunk alcohol many do not control themselves and do big nonsenses (on New Year`s holidays to doctors to have to state, the fact that the number of addresses increases several times in comparison with usual days);
- In days of preparation and celebration, many children are provided to themselves and as a result of a trauma and illness;
- After New Year`s holidays traditionally increases number of colds.

And after celebration of New year, our citizens, in the first working days heavy sigh: “To have a rest!“, “To grow thin!“, “To sleep!“
all New Year`s holidays the majority of us were slaves to a feast.
Still, we sometimes celebrate New year not only, on - to the Russian time, and in each family there are friends, relatives from the FSU and beyond, on their time the beginning of New year meets too. And if after a holiday to ask to share impressions, then many will tell: “Fir-trees, ate again, again ate, watched TV“

A after holidays, much should “be built in“ painfully an operating mode and naturally labor productivity falls, the worst violations in work which will call then as “a human factor“ are made.

We habitually take public stereotypes on trust. For example:
“Say, on New Year`s Eve, that it will be wished, everything will always occur, everything always comes true“ And we sincerely trust in it, but, unfortunately, quickly we understand that life is seldom similar to the fairy tale, and in reality many surprises are prepared for each of us. For creation of new life, it is necessary to work. Begin New year in a new way!