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Why there is a total failure of the antismoking companies? On December 13 France declared

a total failure of antismoking campaign which prokhladit in the country many years, it was declared by the chairman of Audit Chamber of France Didier Migo in the report.

According to Didier Migo, the only effective way of fight against smoking will be further increase in prices for cigarettes and assistance by the person interested to leave off smoking.

Sounds, at least, strange that in the 21st century at modern achievements in all branches of science and technicians it is not possible to solve a problem with tobacco smoking.

Increase in the prices of tobacco products will not rescue a situation.

And can be necessary cigarettes to make cheap? To sell them in specialized shops with the sign “For Backward Sectors of Society“. And let, who wishes, buys and smokes. In the nature there is nothing superfluous, the plant natural, maybe, the nature and was conceived to purify tobacco with its help, the earth of excess people.

And the help it is worth providing not to persons interested to leave off smoking, and that who did not connect himself with tobacco yet to provide them more information thus in such aspect as the company with swine flu was organized. When for fear to ache there were skuplena annual stocks of gauze bandages, a gauze, medicines.

In the world, despite all carried-out companies against smoking the complacent relation to this addiction was created.

Though, the smoking person poisons himself, people around, harm does to the nature. Big money is spent for treatment of consequences of smoking.

It is clear, that smokers of the victim. Nicotine as drug, and high-speed to conceive a liking for it, is enough for some people one cigarette. And all the trap slammed, and in it the next victim got. Having appeared, in a trap one got stuck there for many years, others for the rest of life, finding psychological and physical dependence.

How many people would like to leave off smoking today, many constantly do, attempts having collected will in a fist. But, having held on some time, do not maintain and grab a cigarette. Justifying the act with influence of external factors that at work of trouble, houses of a problem. Modern life is full of stresses and an occasion, will always be to light. The smoker believes that from problems he has exit, smoked - went away. And what went away? Problems remained. And it continues to puff as the engine, to show yellow teeth and to smell sweet as tobacco.

For example if the person loves cheese, sausage, shish kebabs and it has no opportunity to eat right now the organism does not panic. And what happens to the person at whom cigarettes ended? Yes he to move off in their searches at any time or nights. Therefore addiction to nicotine is not only an addiction, but also dependence. The smoking people are strained, dependent, vulnerable.

Many smokers have a slovenly look (the pockets which drooped and are greased, on clothes of a hole.)

In the western press there were publications that doctors refuse to treat the smoking patients owing to the fact that not each doctor can normally transfer a tobacco smell (especially hard to stomatologists)
Here to you one more argument in favor of refusal of smoking.

Can serve as argument of refusal of smoking - convincing information in which it is proved it is proved that the smoker ruins the health, turns the earned money into a smoke. While producers and dealers of tobacco increase the welfare. And physicians, the pharmaceutical companies will earn from smokers too.

Smokers do not want to recognize themselves as the tobacco addict, staying in illusion that at any time can refuse cigarettes. Though understand that it is not enough will power which helped out in improbable situations more than once for fight against nicotine addiction.

Refusal of cigarettes a stress for an organism, smokers to be afraid of this state. And therefore postpone refusal of cigarettes for more suitable time, they want to believe that this time will come. At heart smokers envy those who do not smoke, understanding that being fond, tobacco they will not live several years of the life which is released by it.

We had a layer of wealthy people who achieved progress in business, but a smell of a tobacco smoke, the smoked clothes are associated with their achievements and refined image despite all chic a little.

If, smoking a cigarette of people, does 20 inhalings, then receives 20 doses of drug, the level of its content in blood falls approximately twice within 30 min. And as soon as nicotine level in blood decreases, appears strong desire to light. The question arises: Whether “The worker who at first thinks is necessary to the employer, to light as if, and then, having smoked, blisses out.

With what respect it is worth treating people who in our hard time could resist to tobacco dependence. How many in them mind of force and courage. And whom it is necessary to be that, having information on harm of smoking today to continue to smoke?
the Ministry of Health warns … Doctors finish

House beg … but the effect is equal to zero.

The tobacco smoke is dangerous. It is counted that three times more people, than smokers suffer from passive smoking. In the lateral stream of a tobacco smoke going from the smoldering cigarette, it is much more carcinogens, than in the main stream inhaled by the smoker during an inhaling. And therefore, passing by the person who took aside a hand with a cigarette, or by a ballot box where the bull-calf smolders, the passing person causes damage to health.
Airing of the room, even does not rescue numerous from harmful effects of tobacco toxins.

The modern younger generation spends in a tobacco smoke much time, the organism is saturated with the harmful substances damaging gametes and as a result merging, they, form sick germs which most often turn out freaks therefore they are rejected by a maternal organism - there are abortions. If the germ continues to develop, the fruit gains various defects.


Each smoked cigarette creates need for the subsequent.
needs to be Left off smoking consciously and at once. It is necessary to be ready to the fact that on the way to freedom from nicotine addiction it is necessary to endure the period of sufferings. Life is arranged so that it is necessary to pay for everything.