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How to make friends with the gift budget?

That, where and how much - here three main questions which are asked to itself by most of people, facing need to present something to the relatives, friends or colleagues on the occasion of a holiday. I suggest to add the list of questions with the following: how to make process of the choice and purchases of gifts easy, pleasant and taking away time minimum.

Ya always I strive for the maximum functionality and I try to think over all trifles. And constant deficiency of time pushes on various improvements and inventions therefore I could not ignore this question.

You always make the list of those for whom you will prepare gifts? I - yes. But I do it not on paper, and in the special plate which I fill in already, which year.

In what great sense? And that having such plate I always can:

to forget to make happy nobody with a gift;

to look that I already gave to the specific person earlier (both a year ago, and 3 years ago) twice not to present same;

to plan the “gift budget“, especially before mass holidays like New year and on March 8;

it is evident to span to see how many as a result I spent for gifts by every holiday;

to look where I in a year before last bought a gift for Petya and to buy there same for Vasya to whom then Petin a gift well very much was pleasant... Well and as the usual list such plate to use

very conveniently. However the list can and be lost, and the plate - no. And if to post the plate On the Internet (for example, in Google - documents), then it will be easily available also from the mobile phone, both from the tablet, and from any other device.

By means of the autofilter it is possible to filter data necessary to you (for example, to output only data on gifts by New year 2012 - 2013, or about gifts only for Vasya Pupkin for all years, or about the gifts bought only in the Toy Store etc.) All this becomes very simply, and process of interaction with gifts facilitates fairly.

Such plate very much facilitates also drawing up “the gift budget“ .

The gift budget is money which you are ready to spend for purchase of gifts. There is a right national sign: ignoring of importance of existence of the gift budget - to debts. Therefore it is better to make friends and maintain good relations with the gift budget.

It is clear, that the income all different, about what part of the budget to spend for gifts - too different therefore there are no universal rules here and can have no belief. I will only share the experience.

I always begin to prepare New Year`s gifts in November - so far in shops still everything is. However, the November budget does not maintain purchase of all gifts at once therefore the part of the planned purchases passes for December.

For a start I allocate the total amount which is ready to be spent for gifts. Then I open the gift plate and I begin to plan gifts to everyone. How many you are ready to spend for a gift for each person from your list? It is important to determine concrete sum. The clear understanding of borders very much facilitates search of gifts!

When near each name in the plate the approximate cost of a gift is put down, count a total amount - then it will become clear, the planned gift budget is sufficient or nevertheless it is necessary to introduce amendments towards its increase. I usually very much try to fit into the planned framework. However happens that there is a wish to present to the person some certain thing, and it is more expensive than the planned sum. And I so strongly want to make it that it is simpler to increase the gift budget, than to refuse desire to please the person. And here everyone solves for himself.

Besides, the sums which are put down in the plate do not oblige to anything you. You liked a plush hare cost strongly cheaper, than that figure which you designated in the plate on a gift to the girlfriend Christina - well and is excellent! Especially if you and see a happy face of the girlfriend who received that`s it it is remarkable - the nice hare. The main thing in our business - magic mood. Money is only means of achievement of it. So we are guided by the intuition and information on desires / preferences / dreams of those collected in a year who in your gift list. And drawing up the gift budget simply helps us not to be left without money by the end of holidays.

For the same purpose - to lower financial load of the purse in difficult New Year`s Eve months - I try to buy gifts not only in November and December, but also during the whole year. I store such in advance bought gifts in specially allotted for this purpose by to “a gift box“ . Before New year I open the “magic chest“ (well or “a gift box“), and some of the gifts lying there find the future owners.

Such practice of purchase of gifts in good time allows “to smear“ part of expenses on all calendar year, but not to concentrate all material freight on November and December. Besides, if I was unexpectedly invited on a visit (especially to the house where there are children) - usually to me always is what to take from “a gift box“ not to go on a visit empty-handed.

And here to have an opportunity to buy within a year gifts “for later“ without serious consequences for the family budget, there is a sense monthly to postpone the stable sum of money for these purposes. Then this article of the budget will always be “in the chips“, and gifts can be bought during a season of sales (why and is not present - money - that on gifts is at any time!) . And here how many to postpone monthly - the same gift plate can help with this question! After a year of its maintaining it is already possible to count the sum spent for everything - all - all gifts in a year and to divide it for 12 months. At such approach November and December will never be for you the months leading to an empty purse and debts.

However the most important at everything at the same time - not to allow rational vision to eclipse ease of life. Sometimes it is necessary just to relax and derive pleasure from life - including to spend money for gifts, despite of in advance registered figures.