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What was average life expectancy in imperial Russia to Soviet period?

our children and grandsons will longer live us. In any case, so has to be. With development of a civilization there is an increase in average life expectancy of the person, and all history of the world speaks well for this fact. However, our children and grandsons - great-grandsons will longer live if only there is no terrible resettlement of Earth and natural resources, main of which - fresh water will not be exhausted under zero.

Some experts from among military, based on data of various water preserving, ecological and statistical services, came to a conclusion that in ours 21 - m are possible a century military collisions, catastrophic on the destructive power! And not oil, not gas, not coal can become their reason … And fight for simple clear water! The earth dries up promptly. Already now in many countries with water strong problems.

To recent time any war was perceived by the person, nearly as the benefit. Only, maybe, in the last 20 - y a century the relation to war as to the EVIL changed in some way, but also that it occurred after World War II. War of the UN in 20 - the m condemns a century. And the whole last centuries one tribes willingly cut out others, the whole civilizations disappeared under a sword and fire, and the people demanded the victorious armed campaigns from the governors all the time. It was boring for a commonalty without war, though he suffered from them.

Perhaps, in 21 - the m will be a century a campaign “the brother on the brother“ not only from - for waters. If global war happens that about any increase in average life expectancy it is not necessary to speak. Wars always mowed people, without regard to statistics. But if to assume that special cataclysms, both natural, and technogenic, military will not be, then such interesting “small animal“ as average life expectancy, has to increase. History speaks about it if to look in depth of centuries. What we will also try to make on the example of Russia.

Unfortunately, - x historians and demographers have any reliable sources about population of Russia till 1700 no years. There are only assumptions that from the moment of foundation of Moscow in 1147 - m to year and to 17 - 18 centuries people, generally lived not for long. And the population was scattered, separated, and bred by the principle “give birth more“. Because all the same nearly a half of kids will die. Women gave birth really much because to survive, families had to be big and solid. It is more than children - more workers! Plowmen, smiths, modelers, carpenters …

to a commonalty did not know nothing Of contraception almost. The best method of contraception for the girl was to turn the tail from the excited man, but it is possible to escape time, well - two and to live and survive, it was necessary to come back to a community, to a family again. Incest cases then too happened, and women gave birth even from fathers, brothers, grandfathers, and not just from boyfriends and husbands.

But here trouble: died out lyud not less soon. Terrible epidemics mowed the population under the basis. Sometimes the whole cities and villages surrounding them “died“. Grandmas delivered, but not doctors are obstetricians as now, and there was no equipment for placement and care of women in labor, either drugs, or special hygiene … At childbirth perished the mass of babies and mothers. Killed men with echelons on wars and in revolts. That is in the Middle Ages big inflow of newborns was cut off by the highest mortality of people in young years. (60 years and above) very little who then lived up to a full-fledged old age in our understanding. The medicine was not developed, any cut could nagnoitsya, and business reached a lethal outcome from the most prosaic things.

Lived in the Middle Ages not for long. For example, scientists counted that life expectancy in France in the Middle Ages fluctuated from 21 to 36 years, and averaged 30 years . One of the main reasons - plague which devastated the deadly course nearly whole provinces. In Russia in 18 - m began to conduct a century the first official papers according to the accounting of decline in population, that is the died people. The official foundation of the REGISTRY OFFICE present system is that`s when laid. Whatever one may do, and statistics - ridge of the state. Behind each figure there is either a human destiny, or the tragedy, or pleasure. Summary books of the dead of those centuries is already rudimentary form of statistics.

Demographers of our country compared in the researches an increase in population in Russia 17 - go centuries and for the same period in the countries of Europe and came to a conclusion that rates of a gain of number of people in both cases were approximately identical. So average life expectancy in Russia of the Middle Ages, most likely, not strongly differed from the French sizes for the similar period. Men were born more, but also they perished in large numbers. It is enough to tell that up to 19 - go centuries nearly a half of the Russian boys did not live up to ten-year age!

In Russia, however, there is the feature: here since ancient times the people strong beat. And not only external interventionists, but also internal. Ivan the Terrible and his oprichnina claimed so many lives that even approximately it is difficult to count them. To own people for some reason the Russian governors always had repressions in honor. “Beat the that strangers were afraid“. Soviet period, after revolutions, especially showed it. In principle, and our tsars not especially stood on ceremony with the people.

In Soviet period later average life expectancy of people Soviet already had the features.