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How one of the most popular Christmas songs “Walking In The Air“ of Britain was born?

If do not do our New year without display to / f “Twist of fate“ or m / f “Father Frost and the Grey Wolf“, then the British Christmas is impossible without animated film “The Snowman“. And while we in unlimited time listen to the romance “To me it is pleasant that you are sick not with me...“, British listen to sounds of not less wonderful composition of “Walking In The Air“. History of a song began

with that moment as the British director Diana Jackson decided “to recover“ Raymond Briggs`s book under the name “The Snowman“. The speech in the book, of course, goes not about the yeti. The book narrates about the Snowman whom the boy built on the Christmas`s eve, and that took and recovered then like the Fad to Gorbunk Santa - to Claus transferred the creator straight to the North Pole to. It is interesting that also the illiterate child because words in it were not - continuous drawings like comics could “read“ Briggs`s book.

The director transferred this inclusion and in the animated film which characters remain are silent. Words sound only during the short film introduction of David Bowie (he played a role of the matured boy remembering history from the childhood) and in the mentioned song “Walking In The Air“ (“Walking by air“) under which sounds the Snowman and the boy a hand in a hand blow over the night earth.

The song, as well as other music to m / f, were written by the composer Howard Blake, he conducted also an orchestra. Blake remembered that the phrase “Walking by air“ came to him during walk on the Kornuellsky beach. Having reached home, he right there wrote down it and, gradually - little by little - one of the finest compositions which became a symbol not only the animated film, but also Christmas in general was born.


We walk by air,
We swim in a moonlight of the sky
A people far below sleep while we fly. I stick to
Ya very strong, I am dipped by
Ya into midnight blue.
Turned out that I can highly fly near you.

Round the world...
of the Village rush as if trees
of the River and hills,
of the Wood and falls.

Children, looking, opened mouths,
Such surprise for them -
Nobody below stares in disbelief.

We soar in air,
We swim in the ice sky,
We drift among
ice Among the floating mountains

Suddenly we plunge into the deep ocean,
Awakening the mighty monster from a dream...

We walk by air,
We swim in a moonlight of the sky
I everyone who sees us, welcomes our flight.

However, the ending of history seemed to me too sad for the Christmas animated film - the boy sits at the thawed Snowman well just as at a mogilka on a cemetery...

The premiere of “Snowman“ took place on December 24, 1982 on 4 - m the channel of Great Britain. For fine animation the animated film was deservedly nominated for “Oscar“, but he did not win a prize.

To the first performer of “Walking In The Air“ there was an annoying confusion. In - the first, wafer-thin golosochek belongs not to the girl (as can seem), and 13 - to the summer boy Peter Outi - the chorister of a cathedral of St. Pavel. In - the second, from - for haste his name did not get to animated film credits. This annoying error was corrected only in 2002 therefore most of listeners considered that in m / f the voice of other boy - Aled Jones - too singing church choir sounds.

The matter is that performed by Jones “Walking In The Air“ was for the first time published on a single. There was it in 1985, and the song occupied 5 - e the place in British a hit - parade.

But in two years before the cover on “Walking In The Air“ was let out by RAINBOW group under the leadership of Richie Blackmore (see an album of 1983 “Bent out of shape“). However, the version was purely tool and was called, as well as m / f, “The Snowman“. Peals of a guitar of Blackmore gave to Christmas composition more dramatic (even a little ominous) sounding.

In spite of the fact that Aled Jones`s version is considered as if initial, the young generation is often sure that “Walking In The Air“ is a song of Finnish simfo - pauer - metal - NIGHTWISH collective where it was executed by the opernogolosy star Tarja Turunen. This version appeared on a single on January 1, 1999 and subsequently entered an album “Oceanborn“.

Tuomas Holopannen, founder and keyboard player of NIGHTWISH: “This animated cartoon is inseparably linked
for us merry Christmas and our children`s memoirs, and a melody of “Walking In The Air“ - the finest melody which I heard in my life! Therefore we also decided to pay tribute to this remarkable fairy tale, this wonderful song and our irrevocably left childhood“.

Tarja Turunen though will leave NIGHTWISH, but will not refuse a song, having continued to execute it solno.

Tarja Turunen: “I did to
something that reminds music to movies with Nightwish, and the song “Walking in the Air“ from the animated film “Snowman“ is just fine. “Snowman“ is a tradition therefore I was angry and cried when passed his one Christmas. It is very beautiful and touching story, just wonderful“.

the Song was rehashed and changed a huge number of times. It even became a subject of the commercial of the Scottish IRN aerated water - BRU. Words, however, replaced with others:

“We rush by air,
Ya I sip the IRN - BRU.
my cold friend Snegovik told that he would like to drink too.
Ya told it that it looked to itself.
It grew dark, and it seemed that he will begin to cry. But I told
to it once again that IRN - my BRU.

Now I fall down, I do not know
I where I will land. It took
my IRN - BRU and released my hand“.
generally if someone incidentally did not hear “Walking in the Air“, surely listen to

- composition looney beautiful (and it is possible to make it, having glanced in 1 - y the comment to this article).