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What is corruption? Horrors and love of our kindergarten of

our kindergarten differs from other kindergartens in the fact that we bring up Kostik Egorov. And where Kostik, there are any unexpected things. And all tutors of a garden know about it. Here - the last case:

- Mallya Ivanovna and what is a kolluption? - Kostik Egorov asked the teacher. He not always uttered the letter ôrô, but it was possible to understand him.

- And you why it is the nobility? - Marya Ivanovna was surprised, suspecting and having on that all reasons of Kostik in the next dirty trick.

- And the father said to me that this kolluption will eat our stlana soon. And you govolit that our stlana the biggest in mile. And what this kolluption lazmet then?

- Kostik, would play you better machines, - Marya Ivanovna sighed. - Also do not ask me more rhetorical questions. Give better I will try to explain to you on - simple. Here you wanted to play Mashiny toys. And she in reply demanded that you ate its cream of wheat.

- What it is a kolluption? - Kostik was surprised. - These are the nolmalny lynochny relations.

- Then I will try in a different way. There is a flu epidemic. One sneezed and all group ached. Corruption is such illness too. Viral infection.

- No, it seems to me that the pliloda of a kolluption lies somewhere more deeply.

- Then tell that you think?

- I think that the kolluption is when bad uncles plodat our oil, and then pisat in gold toilet bowls.

Marya Ivanovna choked.

- Yes, deeply you dig. To be to you Kostik a philosopher when you grow up.

- No, I want to be a gadfly.


- Well, levolyutsionet such was. And I will slazhatsya with this kolluption as with dlakony. And you, Mallya Ivanovna, know who in our stlena the biggest ox?

Marya Ivanovna turned pale, looked back on the parties and cried:

- Be silent, Egorov. Here is any names!

- And what you pelepugatsya so, - Kostik was surprised. - I here do not know therefore I splosit.

- Means so, Kostik, I appoint to you an additional portion of cream of wheat. And when you eat, you are deaf and mute. Everything is clear?

- It is clear, Mallya Ivanovna. With you we will play Gestapo. A gadfly on a doplosa at Myullel! And what is bandellog?


Kostik everything is received the additional portion of cream of wheat with blackberry jam and is courageous her all ate. And I, Masha, helped it. Because Kostik is the cleverest and courageous boy in group. And when we will grow up...

But I about it will not tell yet.

And somehow time Kostik suggested us to play the Duma. We at first did not want, and then it appeared so cheerfully!

Kostik sat down on a sofa and took a pointer in hand:

- Means, I will be spikely, and all of you are deputies.

And all of us seated on the stools, without understanding yet as it is possible to play deputies. And Kostik knocked with a pointer on a table:

- Means, I most important here, and you will raise hands.

- And if I do not want to raise hands? - I asked.

- Means, you will iglat one, - Kostik answered. - Or play on my plavila. And when you will think up the needle, I will play on your plavila. And I on a televizola saw this needle. Very ridiculous.

And I, of course, took offense.

- Nekotolye think that at us in the Duma do not love children, - there began Kostik. And all of us attentively listened to it. - It is a neplavda. We, deputies, cannot but love children because ourselves are children.

And all of us laughed.

- Ploklyaty amelikanets from next are silly do not want to dluzhit with us. And we want to iglat in their room because they have more iglushka. And they do not let us there.

And we discontentedly rustled.

- Who for that to punish them and to take away from them iglushka? Bystlo, bystlo all lifted onions!

And all of us obediently raised hands. And Kostik continued:

- Nekotolye think that in our Duma it is necessary to think. Who so thinks - that dulak.

Kostik blew out cheeks.

- And we have no dulak in a thought. We all clever, plavda?

And all of us cried:

- However, truth!

Also raised hands in agreement. We already raised hands without Kostik`s team.

- And tepel the deputy Zhilinovsky will act. Who wants to be Zhilinovsky? Give you, Mishka. You are able to klichat most loudly in a gluppa.

From a stool there was Mishka Balakin.

- And what to tell me?

- Anything. Just cry out and slobber.

And Mishka as will begin to yell that here Marya Ivanovna came running and asked:

- And what here at you occurs? Again Kostik Egorov confuses the issue?

What Kostik answered:

- Not Kostik, but Konstantin Selgeevich. And I tepel spiket! We here in the Duma iglay.

And Marya Ivanovna slapped him on a bottom and told:

- A speaker you will be when you learn to utter all letters. For now I disperse your Duma. I pound from it all the same any.

And we went for a walk on the street. And I told Kostik:

- You should not be a speaker. You the revolutionary were pleasant to me more.

And Kostik agreed with me, and we reconciled.

Here such one more story about our garden.