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What year future prepares for us?

are Quite explainable why in any “outstanding“ dates, for example on Friday 13 - go, or 12. 12. 12, and especially in anticipation of New year, numerologichesky values of dates are interesting to much. Such recommendations are rather primitive and do not consider identity of each person, but, nevertheless, it is possible to listen to them.

Besides, personal value of year is a really working information and it can be calculated easily. Once in the first personal year I married, moved to other city, began to study numerology, received a masterful step in Reiki, absolutely changed a profession. And all this so organically began and remarkably then was developed.

So who has ahead the first personal year - be ready to use every chance to the maximum!

So what year future prepares for us?

The universal number of 2013 is equal to 6. This number in numerology patronizes a family and in general it is one of the most harmonious numbers - is filled with love, care of neighbors, kindness. Number 6 symbol - a family, patrimonial nest. Respectively, if the care of a family, of members of your sort is motive of your acts In 2013, then you are waited by success in any affairs and undertakings. The only restriction - not perstaraytes, hyper guardianship is already intervention in private life of relatives.

This year will present much replenishment of a family - children are born, the number of marriages increases. Many prolonged relations or will come to a wedding, or will stop, having given way new, more viable.

It in the most general terms. Now in more detail for each personal year.

To recognize him, it is necessary to put number and number of month of the birth with universal number of year, I will remind that for 2013 this number = 6.

For example, your date of birth on May 15, here that we will receive:

15 + 5 (May) + 6 = 1+5+5+6 = 17 = 1+ 7 = 8, respectively your personal number of year is equal to 8.

All numbers develop and given to a digit from unit to the nine.
Now when you learn about the personal numbers of year, you remember also value and influence of universal number of year.

What is meant personal years?

1 - set the courageous and ambitious purposes, you are accompanied by success in the beginning of the new project or offer. Now you are ready to rise by a new step of the life. What? Life will prompt!

2 - your force in cooperation, partnership, strengthening of positions. You are sensitive this year therefore the main thing not to become limp.

3 - you will be lit up by new ideas. Such feeling that the spring came! Be open for the world and people, live with pleasure and optimism!

4 - the main object of your care - strengthening of material welfare. Risk this year - not your elements, also you should not hurry with decision-making.

5 - dynamics, activity, new impressions, moving, travel and other changes - all this will change your life to the best! The main thing - any stagnation!

6 - cares of a family and its prosperity are twice actual for you! If there is no family yet, occupy yourself with any kinds of needlework, cookery, the design, any direction connected with wellbeing and a cosiness of the house.

7 - this year patronizes knowledge, wisdom accumulation, you should become stronger in the professionalism and it is important not to become reserved.

8 - it is a high time to realize own status, to rise in the estimation and eyes of people around. Safely take the responsibility - and life will reward you! Also this time of harvesting, will return to you increased greatly what you seeded earlier.

9 - with gratitude release what leaves, thereby you make room for new. Analyse and sum up the results of last nine-year cycle. Do not begin anything new yet, take debts and the credits and if they at you already try to eat whenever possible them to give.

Good luck to you in New year!